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A violent rape and home invasion involving three thugs ended in a 17-year-old being shot to death after taking his victim hostage to a neighbor’s home for more money, authorities in Alabama said.

The frightening attack around 3 a.m. Monday in Gadsden, approximately 60 miles north of Birmingham, saw three males kick in a sleeping 38-year-old woman’s front door before ransacking the place, the Gadsden Times reported.

As two of the intruders grabbed whatever valuables they could find, police said the 17-year-old burst into the woman’s bedroom and had his way with her.

Throughout the attack, she was beaten in her head and demanded to hand over her money. Meanwhile his two accomplices had taken what they wanted and fled, she later recalled.

She insisted she didn’t have any money to give him because her neighbor down the street had it all.

In an apparent attempt to satisfy his greed, he allegedly followed her out of her house and down the street to her neighbor’s property with a gun trained to her body.

Once at the home she said she knocked and yelled for the homeowner to give her her money, telling him that she was being attacked.

The 59-year-old homeowner peering out his window saw she was being held by a gun and called 911, authorities said.

The call for help wasn’t missed by the assailant, however, who ordered him to hang up the phone before firing his weapon two times in the air. He then lowered his weapon and threateningly aimed it at the homeowner who was also armed.

Fearing for his life, the homeowner said he fired once, striking the assailant in his chest.

The wounded teen then tried to flee on foot, but collapsed a short distance away where he died, police said.

The female victim was taken to a hospital for treatment and her neighbor interviewed at police headquarters before released.

Police have yet to publicly identify the teen killed, or release any other known descriptions of the two other attackers.

In a brief conversation with the 17-year-old’s mother, she told FOX6 that everything was being unfairly pinned on her son and that his name was being dragged through the mud.

I . . . I don’t even know how to respond to that. What’s unfair is what her son put this woman through during an armed home invasion. That, and only that, is what’s wrong with this whole incident. If you’re going to do the crime, be prepared for consequences such as getting shot by an armed citizen that steps in to defend an innocent life.

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