INSIDE INFO: WalMart Knows Something Is Up; Why They Closed And How DHS Is Involved By now you have been informed about the numerous Walmart closing across the country. All sorts of speculations have risen including theories that they have been turned into FEMA camps, that theyContinue Reading

Criminal sexual conduct charges brought against John Robert Lind were dismissed earlier this month even though police say he admitted ejaculating in his co-worker’s coffee on at least two occasions. Judge Patrick Diamond wrote that the charges of fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct and attempted fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct had toContinue Reading

“Fire and Rain” is a folk rock song written and performed by James Taylor. It appeared on his second album, Sweet Baby James. The album was released in February 1970, with the song being released as a single that month. “Fire and Rain” hit #3 on the Billboard Hot 100Continue Reading