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Original Run: 1968-present
Creator: Don Hewitt
Stars: Mike Wallace, Steve Kroft
Network: CBS
As the longest-running primetime program of all time on U.S. television, one could cite 60 Minutes as classic programming in multiple decades, but it was especially strong and relevant in the pre-internet 1980s. Mike Wallace was in his 60s but still had decades of reporting left in him, and on any given 60 Minutes of this decade you could almost always depend on an extremely entertaining Wallace segment where he would employ his classic “ambush” interviewing. Many were the times some scumbag was walking down the street, only to have Wallace step out from behind a bush with a microphone, yelling something along the lines of “Did you or did you not cheat those senior citizens out of their retirement funds with sham timeshares?!” You could have turned it into a verb: “Did you hear about Roy? He got Wallaced on 9th street the other day.

OKOK not really a retro, but I could not help it they have been on forever and still a quality show. And I do miss Andy Rooney


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