Blue Alert News – National System Monday April 27th, 2015 :: 02:26 p.m. EDT     Alert URGENT: Credible threat to ALL Law Enforcement: Baltimore, MD – April 27, 2015 The Baltimore Police Department / Criminal Intelligence Unit has received credible information that members of various gangs, including the BlackContinue Reading

Infertility is one of the saddest things anyone trying to conceive can face. Often times, thousands of dollars are poured into treatments that may or may not work on conception. It can lead to desperate measures for those that want a child badly, but one mother in Pennsylvania had anContinue Reading

“Oye Como Va” is a song written by Latin jazz and mambo musician Tito Puente in 1963 and popularized by Santana‘s rendition of the song in 1970 on their album Abraxas, helping to catapult Santana into stardom with the song reaching #13 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song alsoContinue Reading