You may see me make some fun of myself every so often like today, I am able to laugh at just about all there is in this world. My coping mechanism.

But you usually do not see me talk about personal issues.

But every once in a while I have these moments where I have to just stand back and shake my head.

Two such occasions happened today, I went to my favorite sandwich shop today and most of you know this underground transportation shop. I ordered my sandwich and when I got to the register the total came to $6.25. I had in my hand a $5 and $1 and handed it to the young man and told him I had to get another dollar out of my wallet. He asked me if I had a quarter I said no and handed him the dollar. The young man had a funny look on his face and just started at me which I returned. Wondering what he was thinking I said “WHAT,” he said why are you giving me this dollar?

After getting a sneer on my face as people who know me say I can get, I said because the bill is $6.25 and I only gave you $6.00 here is another dollar for you to give me $.75 back. He said OOOOHHHH YEAH And then retrieved my 4 quarters, Which I promptly sneered again and returned one of them not hoping to relive the previous exchange.

Right next door to this samich shop is a tree limb store where everything is a dollar, I picked up some sodas and a few vitamin energy drinks. I was  checking out and this very young lady who seemed very nervous was running the register.

When she scanned the energy drinks the register double beeped and she stopped stared at it for a second then shyly looked at me and asked to see my ID.

Now I am not old by any means, but I am definitely not a young man either, It has been 38 yrs since I needed to be carded at a bar. I flashed back to the samich shop and once again I got that sneer on my face everyone knows, and I said ” bless you my dear but I am obviously old enough to be your granpa let alone buy these drinks” I then told her I would not produce an ID just to be a DICK!

After stumbling for a brief moment she continued on and that sneer on my face had to be a fixed gaze and nothing else was said.

Both of these kids seemed like very nice but very naïve and are the ones demanding a living wage before they have done any living in their life.

But I guess maybe my parents said the same about me when I was that age.

I walked away got into my car where my dog was waiting and I got the same dumb stare from him I just got in those two stores, But his living wage is some food and water in the bowls and a rub behind the ears every 5 minuets. And he is externally grateful for that.