Baltimore Cops want charges or prosecutor dropped

635660822986432049-AP-Baltimore-Police-Death.3The six Baltimore police officers arrested over the death of Freddie Gray asked Friday that charges be dropped or that the city’s top prosecutor step aside because of her “political and personal motivation.”

In a joint motion to the local district court, attorneys for the officers argued that the “inciting rhetoric” State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby used at a May 1 news conference announcing the charges violated constitutional protections against “overzealous prosecution.”

“Rarely in the history of any criminal case has a prosecutor so directly maintained so many conflicts of interests,” the motion declares. “Rarer still are instances where such clear conflicts exists [sic] and a prosecutor steadfastly refuses to him or herself.”

The challenge cited five reasons that Mosby should step aside: the “seizing of political and personal gain” by Mosby and her husband, city Councilman Nick Mosby; “personal relationships” with potential witnesses; the “role of her office as the ‘investigators'”; a pending civil claim against Mosby and her office; and the financial interest of the attorney for the Gray family, who they maintain is Mosby’s “close friend, financial supporter and attorney.”

Mosby could not be immediately reached Friday for comment.

She told CNN earlier this week that there was no conflict of interest and that “I’m going to prosecute.”

Friday’s motion was the second defense maneuver this week.

Monday, an attorney for Officer Edward Nero challenged Mosby’s argument that Gray’s arrest was illegal because a knife he was carrying was not banned under state law. As a result, Mosby charged Nero with second-degree assault, misconduct in office and false imprisonment.

Gray died April 19 from an unexplained spinal injury while in police custody a week after he ran from officers and was arrested because of the knife. Mosby has said Gray was handcuffed and wearing leg restraints when he was placed face-down in the back of a police transport van. When he arrived at the police substation about 45 minutes after his arrest, Gray was unresponsive. Mosby said the officers repeatedly failed to get Gray medical treatment.

The van driver, Officer Caesar R. Goodson Jr., faces the most serious charge — second-degree “depraved-heart” murder. Charges against the other officers — Lt. Brian W. Rice, Sgt. Alicia D. White and Officers Garrett E. Miller and William G. Porter — range from misconduct and assault to manslaughter.

Either very cool or very weird……….

 An Indiana teenager who took his 93-year-old great-grandmother to his junior prom says he had a great time, even though her early bedtime nearly cut the night short.

Drew Holm says his classmates thought it “was pretty cool” that he asked Kathryn Keith to last Friday’s Crothersville High School junior prom.

Holm picked Keith up in her Cadillac for the dance in Seymour, about 60 miles south of Indianapolis.

Keith, who wore a blue dress, told the Seymour Tribune ( ) she’s proud that he asked her.

The pair hit the dance floor for only one song, sharing a slow dance. Their night ended by 9 p.m. because Keith has an early bedtime.

Holm then took his girlfriend to an after-prom event at a bowling alley.

Personally I think it is pretty cool, BUT could be very weird too……..

I saw Bruce Jenner applying for the new job opening……

A Sonora woman was arrested Thursday on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly stabbing a co-worker at Rosalinda’s Gentlemen’s Club in Jamestown.

The victim, a 22-year-old female resident of Jamestown, told Tuolumne County sheriff’s deputies she had an argument with the suspect, 21-year-old Meghan Harden. It escalated into a physical altercation, the victim said, during which Harden stabbed her in the leg.

The victim got a ride from the scene and called for help at the AM-PM mini-mart on Mono Way near Standard Road.

Deputies arrived to find the victim in a vehicle, with a stab wound to her right thigh. She was transported to Sonora Regional Medical Center for treatment of the injury. The wound is not considered life-threatening.

Harden was located by deputies later Thursday morning and gave a statement regarding her involvement in the incident. She was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and was booked into Tuolumne County Jail.

She remained in custody as of Friday morning, with bail set at $40,000.

The weapon, a knife, has been recovered, said Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Scott Johnson.

Opportunist of the day ( AKA IDIOT)……..

The North Carolina cop suing Starbucks after spilling a free cup of coffee on his lap waited hours before getting his burn treated.

Raleigh police officer Matthew Kohr drove home to have his wife photograph his injuries before he sought help at an urgent care center, he testified Wednesday, according to the News & Observer.

He also first drove himself in his police car to the department’s garage to fetch his truck before heading home, Kohr said in court.

It took the law enforcement officer about 2 ½ hours to seek treatment after the hot coffee allegedly scalded his inner thigh, Starbucks attorney Tricia Derr said.

“You didn’t go the emergency room,” Derr said. “You didn’t go to urgent care. You went to get your truck.”

Kohr is suing the coffee chain for between $50,000 and $750,000, claiming a coffee cup lid popped off and the cup folded in on itself at a Raleigh Starbucks in January 2012.

The stress of the third-degree burns intensified his Crohn’s disease, forcing him to undergo surgery to remove part of his intestine, he said in court.

Kohr’s wife, Melanie, lost “a source of emotional support, her social companion and her intimate partner” after the incident, the lawsuit claims.

Starbuck’s attorneys argued that Kohr should not be compensated because he did not purchase the coffee, which is free to officers in uniform.

Free coffee is a gratuity anyway, Isnt that supposed to be illegal?

In addition that is the gratitude this occifer showed for that gratuity. (no I did not spell it wrong)

Dipshit of the day: Georgia Woman Tried To Cash A $94 Million Tax Refund Check

Brigitte Jackson thought she was getting a whopping $94 million tax refund. What she got was arrested. Jackson had put in a fraudulent tax return claiming she made $99 million in wages and thus she claimed she was due a refund worth $94,323,148.

So Georgia State revenue agents actually cut Jackson a fake refund check and told her to go to a Cobb County bank inside a local supermarket to cash it, reports The New York Daily News.

Of course, when Jackson came and tried to cash the “check,” she was arrested, reported WSB-TV.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s $94 or $94 million,” Special Investigations Chief Josh Waites told the station. “We’re going to go after you and hold you accountable.”

Now Jackson faces five charges, including attempted theft by taking and conspiracy to defraud the state. It turns out one of Jackson’s relatives, Darrius White, tried the same scheme. According to Waites, White also reported $99 million in income, and attempted to claim a huge refund. White too faces the same charges, reports WSB-TV.

Authorities set up the sting after they went to what turned out to be a former address and could not locate White, who was already on felony probation.

But Jackson and White kept calling into the IRS to inquire about their tax refund. That’s when the sting was set in motion.

So this IDIOT thinks $94 mil does not put up a red flag, So she keeps calling the IRS to make sure she gets their attention. SMH

Retro of the day: Alice Cooper & Anthrax

I’m Eighteen” is a song by rock band Alice Cooper, first released as a single in November 1970 backed with “Is It My Body”. It was the band’s first top-forty success—peaking at number 21—and convinced Warner Bros. that Alice Cooper had the commercial potential to release an album, and the song features on the band’s first major label release album Love It to Death (1971).

The anthemic song is driven by a lumbering, arpeggiated guitar riff and aggressive, raspy vocals. The lyrics tell of the angst and of being “in the middle” between youth and adulthood. It had begun as an eight-minute jam that young Canadian producer Bob Ezrin persuaded the band into tightening into a tight three-minute rocker.

The song was the band’s breakthrough, and left a considerable influnce on hard rock, punk, and heavy metal. Joey Ramone wrote his first song for the Ramones based on the chords to “I’m Eighteen”, and John Lydon auditioned for the Sex Pistols by miming to the song. Bands such as thrash metalers Anthrax have covered the song, and Kiss settled out of court for plagiarism of the song over the 1998 track “Dreamin'”.