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The North Carolina cop suing Starbucks after spilling a free cup of coffee on his lap waited hours before getting his burn treated.

Raleigh police officer Matthew Kohr drove home to have his wife photograph his injuries before he sought help at an urgent care center, he testified Wednesday, according to the News & Observer.

He also first drove himself in his police car to the department’s garage to fetch his truck before heading home, Kohr said in court.

It took the law enforcement officer about 2 ½ hours to seek treatment after the hot coffee allegedly scalded his inner thigh, Starbucks attorney Tricia Derr said.

“You didn’t go the emergency room,” Derr said. “You didn’t go to urgent care. You went to get your truck.”

Kohr is suing the coffee chain for between $50,000 and $750,000, claiming a coffee cup lid popped off and the cup folded in on itself at a Raleigh Starbucks in January 2012.

The stress of the third-degree burns intensified his Crohn’s disease, forcing him to undergo surgery to remove part of his intestine, he said in court.

Kohr’s wife, Melanie, lost “a source of emotional support, her social companion and her intimate partner” after the incident, the lawsuit claims.

Starbuck’s attorneys argued that Kohr should not be compensated because he did not purchase the coffee, which is free to officers in uniform.

Free coffee is a gratuity anyway, Isnt that supposed to be illegal?

In addition that is the gratitude this occifer showed for that gratuity. (no I did not spell it wrong)

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