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A new Muslim Mega Mosque to be built in the centre of Birmingham will have a speaker system that can be heard 15 miles away, and will broadcast the call to prayer across the city 5 times a day.The mega mosque has been granted special permission by Labour led Birmingham City Council to have the giant speaker system installed due to a special provision of the Local Communities Act 2008 which allows religious groups to break noise abatement laws.

The speakers will be louder than a jet engine and will be heard up to 15 miles away in Solihull and the Black Country. The speaker system will primarily be used to announce the call to prayer in Arabic 5 times a day, starting at 5 o’clock in the morning, angering some local residents that they will be woken up even though they aren’t Muslim.

Terry Gardner, a painter and decorator from the outskirts of Birmingham had this to say: ‘Its nonsense that I’m going to get told to pray five times a day, even though I’m not a muslim, can’t they just give everyone a text message, it would be a lot quieter’

Up to 5,000 people will be able to attend the mosque at any one time, bringing traffic in the area to a halt at the beginning and end of each service. Worries that this will finally cement the area of inner city Birmingham as a no go area for non muslims are raising tensions in the city, and it is unknown whether being able to hear the new speaker system 15 miles away will affect the services of other religions.

With vicar Simon Montpellier, of St Annes in the Gable’s Church complaining: ‘The local mosque broadcast’s its call to prayer over the top of my morning service, and it just winds me up, christians have been practising in this country for 1,200 years, and we shouldn’t be drowned out now because someone worked out how to connect a microphone to an amplifier’

What is sure is that some people are going to be woken up, to be asked to go to a mosque 15 miles away, for a religion they are not a part of. Birmingham Council may have a lot to answer for in the near future.

It is funny that they can continue to have their old customs and beliefs but we have to constantly be evolving our to not offend.

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  1. The same individuals have been doing the exact same thing in Dearborn, Michigan for the past eleven years.

    If the Dearborn city council had made this kind of exception for a Christian church, ACLU lawyers would have been parachuting from the sky and popping out of the cracks in the sidewalk, and they’d have sued the city down to an inch from the ground. Speaking of the ACLU, though the article doesn’t mention it, guess whose lawyers browbeat the city council into accepting Sharia law in the first place? Yeah, got it in one.

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