Below is an article posted in the Merced County Times by the coward with the byline below. 

He is  referring to a reporter by the name of who had left the Merced Sun Star newspaper.

It was probably a good career move by Ramona because of backstabbing people like the shithead below.

Ramona Giwargis

Romana did a very good job of investigating and reporting local Guvments irregularities and indiscretions.

 Obviously some people did not like it and were probably putting pressure on Ramona .

In fact here is a report her on winning a award for investigative journalism:

For John Derby to take a swipe at her after she had left, in a public way like this is typical of the problems in the media and Guvment.

It is obviously sour grapes and he has some type agenda.

My question is, did she leave because of asswipes like this who were putting pressure on her or did she have a better opportunity in the Bay Area.

Wanting to get away from the politics here is a good idea for sure but her investigating and reporting will be missed.

And the comments below is a good reason to simply clean house and start getting responsible people reporting to and serving for the public.

Dipshit of the day: The Coward of Merced County

Here is his unedited article from the Merced County Times posted on May 7, 2015:

Change is good at the Sun-Star

By John Derby
May 7, 2015

In case some readers have missed it, there has been a change in the reporting lineup at the Merced Sun-Star, and we feel it is for the better.
For too long, this community has suffered from “attack dog” kind of journalism, and much of it in recent times coming from one particular writer. This type of journalism has the power to cause unnecessary pain to residents, and while some of the stories needed to be told, the way they were told left questions.
Too often the person put in a negative spotlight had no way to completely or fairly respond to accusations, along with the front page headlines and photos, day after day.
We have always felt that good journalism needs to be balanced. There is bad news all over the world, and that usually hits the front page. And there are good news stories which go untold because the headlines are taken up by tragedy.
There has been a whole generation of reporters trained to think that behind every government office is a Watergate just waiting to be leaked. Not true.
The vast number of government employees do a good job working under difficult circumstances.
Seldom do we give enough praise for the good which is being done on a daily basis.
There are tragic stories and watch-dog investigations which need to be published, but to be honest, it was a nice surprise recently to see two positive stories on the same front page of the Sun-Star.
Some people think that because the Merced County Times is a local, community newspaper that we would like nothing more than to see the Sun Star go out of business. Wrong!
We feel the Sun Star has a very important role to play in the community. If it does a good job then it reflects on all other newspapers, ours included.
We are not like some people who think that newspapers are part of a dying breed. Bad newspapers are having serious problems, however, good newspapers are growing in stature and readership.
We want the Sun Star to be a good newspaper, which will help our community grow in a positive way.
There is so much news going on in our community today, the Merced County Times will have plenty to publish – stories that will probably never make the pages of the Sun Star. And that’s fine!

This dribble speaks for itself…………