Shaynna-SimsPolice have arrested Shaynna Sims after they say the 26-year-old walked into a funeral home and sliced open the face of a dead woman who used to date her boyfriend.

According to reports, Sims walked into the Moore Funeral Home last Thursday where the body of a woman she knew was waiting to be interred.

Family members of the deceased woman reported seeing Sims with her hands inside the coffin, and that she quickly withdrew them when they got near.

Those family members notified authorities when they found the dead woman had been vandalized. Her hair had been cut, her makeup smudged and, worst of all, there was a vertical slice to the woman’s face that went from her hairline to the tip of her nose.

Police would locate Sims at the dead woman’s home where, according to the woman’s son, Sims showed up to retrieve jewelry to be used at the funeral. Police would find Sims in the possession of a folding knife with the dead woman’s hair on it, scissors, and a box cutter.

Sims was arrested and charged with illegal dissection of a human body. The mother of two was still in jail on Monday on $20,000 bond. Her next court date is scheduled for Thursday.

No word on why Sims decided to mess up the dead woman’s face, but police say the woman used to date Sims’ boyfriend and described the two as “frenemies.”

This isn’t Sims first brush with the law. In April, she received an 18-month deferred sentence after pleading guilty to assault and battery in a child neglect case.

I have reported on some of the most heinous incidents imaginable over the last 10 years, but for some reason I find the details of this story particularly disturbing. Maybe it’s just the callousness of it.

UPDATE 5-15-2015:

And this story just keeps getting more fucked up. On Thursday, prosecutors charged Sims with unlawful removal of a deceased person’s body part after they say Sims also sliced off the dead woman’s breasts and a toe.


  1. Never a dull moment living in Oklahoma

    1. I guess! I was wondering if you could shed any light on this one

      1. I’ll keep you posted on developments

        1. If she gets out and want the addresses of my ex’s let me know…….

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