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Donation website has new fund for Stockton mayor

The website “gofundme.com” has a spot for donations that would benefit Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva.

The fund was created after the Stockton City Council voted this week to approve a salary commission recommendation that the mayor’s salary be cut by more than $32,000.

The couple starting the fund chooses to remain anonymous, but the leading contributor was happy to explain his participation.

“It’s embarrassing to be part of a community that’s bullying the mayor. I don’t think anyone agrees they’d take a one-third pay cut from a job. We all complain when we get our check and the IRS has taken out a third,” Ron Felton said. He’s contributed $200 to the Silva fund.

Friday afternoon, the fund was still at $280 donated. The organizer stated a fund goal of $35,000.

Friday, Silva said that despite the salary hit he’ll take, he’ll give any money donated through the gofundme site to others.

“I’m humbled and flattered. Maybe it could be amended a bit so I can use it for homeless programs, use it to send kids to summer camp, and to keep swimming pools open,” Silva said. “The fact that there are people out there who care about me and like the work I’m doing means a lot to me.”

The salary commission suggested the salary cut after studying other cities of similar size and demographics. Council members also voted Tuesday to reduce their incomes. Those decreases will begin July 1.

A public official is being paid $72,000 with our tax dollars and someone feels they should start a campaign to give him free money in sympathy? Seriously?

His pay after the cut is still a very good income and I personally would be glad to have it.

I also find it interesting the so called people behind this wants to remain anonymous.

Here is a little background on this person: http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2015/02/19/limo-carrying-stockton-mayor-anthony-silva-trashed-by-occupants-during-altercation/


Be sure to see what he thinks about transparency in Guvment: http://www.news10.net/story/news/investigations/watchdog/2014/02/21/stockton-mayor-anthony-silva-uses-personal-email-on-the-job/5669907/


Dems call on Obama to resettle 65,000 Syrian refugees

A group of Senate Democrats is urging the Obama administration to allow at least 65,000 Syrian refugees to settle inside the United States.

“While the United States is the largest donor of humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees, we must also dramatically increase the number of Syrian refugees that we accept for resettlement,” the group of 14 lawmakers — led by Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) — said Thursday.

The group letter noted the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) wants to resettle 130,000 Syrian refugees over the next two years and has thus far submitted more than 12,000 resettlement cases to the United States for consideration.

However, only 700 have been let into the U.S. since the Syrian conflict began nearly five years ago, “an unacceptably low number,” the senators say.

“Following the international community’s tragic failure to shelter Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazi genocide, the United States played a leadership role in establishing the international legal regime for the protection of refugees,” they wrote. “In keeping with this history, we urge your Administration to work to accept at least 50 percent of Syrian refugees whom UNHCR is seeking to resettle, consistent with our nation’s traditional practice under both Republican and Democratic presidents.”

On the same day, House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas)called the resettlement effort a “serious mistake” because of the security risks it poses.

The U.S. could resettle around 2,000 Syrian refugees this fiscal year and potentially thousands more in fiscal 2016 under the State Department-led effort. The Department of Homeland Security would have the authority to approve the admissions. 

Senate Democrats stressed that the conflict has displaced half of Syria’s 23 million people and that countries like Lebanon, with a populace of 4.2 million, has taken in 1.2 million refugees.

The group urged Obama to reach out to other countries and encourage them to accept more refugees as well. 

They said they understood the security concerns about the program.

“We must continue to carefully screen refugee applicants for all national security and terrorism concerns, but we urge you to devote sufficient resources and staff to ensure that this process does not hinder resettlement for legitimate refugees, many of whom are living in difficult, even life-threatening, situations,” they said.

Senators concluded by saying “it is a moral, legal, and national security imperative for the United States to lead by example in addressing the world’s worst refugee crisis of our time by greatly increasing the number of Syrian refugees who are resettled in our country.”

The saviors of the world are at it again……….

Dipshit of the day: Al Sharpton’s daughter Dominique told not to dump hiking images

 Al Sharpton‘s daughter, Dominique Sharpton, was told in no uncertain terms by attorneys for the city of New York not to dump certain hiking images. These were photos that the 29-year-old posted showing a recent hike in Nevada’s Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

According to the New York Post via Hot Air on May 23, Al’s girl put some pretty strenuous selfies of herself and a friend on Instagram. This happened after Sharpton sued NYC for a whopping $5 million.

The suit Dominique Sharpton brought against New York City says that after she tripped on a Soho sidewalk which she alleges was an uneven public walkway, she was encumbered with what had been called “permanent pain and mental anguish.” This lawsuit was filed earlier this month even though the reported fall happened last autumn.

Lawyer Michele Fox issued a warning to Sharpton, says that she must keep the photos in question. She must not destroy these images or alter them in any way.

It was in this letter authored by Fox that the lawyer “[demanded] that plaintiff [Dominique Sharpton] preserve any photographs, documents, communications and any other information, both tangible and electronically stored, potentially relevant to her alleged trip and fall.”

Sharpton’s attorney came back with a statement insisting that lawyer’s client “did sustain multiple ligament and tendon tears in her ankle” when the incident occurred last October. She wore a protective boot for a while after the unexpected spill onto the cement sidewalk allegedly occurred.

At this point, even though this member of the Sharpton family was able to take part in a rigorous hike in Nevada after living it up in Indonesia in what is said to have been another mountain hiking expedition, Dominique is still allegedly not back to her original shape. She apparently claims she is still suffering and is not able to do what she could prior to when the Manhattan accident reportedly happened.

Reports say that Dominique, who works for her dad as membership director for him under the umbrella of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, is looking for a payout.

She says through her lawyer that she is asking for this money, which has been reported as being a whopping $5 million, after losing “quality of life, future pain and suffering, [and] future medical bills. [She also anticipates] future diminution of income.”

Allegedly struggling with her injuries, Al Sharpton’s daughter is now facing a dilemma: Should she delete proof that she has been healthy enough to take on the Silver State’s stunning Red Rock Canyon on a rigorous hike or should she not? And, either way, will she still be able to win her personal battle with the city of New York?

Hey Dipshit do not go on a major hiking trip and post it on social media when you are claiming permanent injuries to your feet after a fall…..

The apple does not fall far from the tree does it?

Using car’s air conditioning saves gas

Want to save fuel on those long summer highway drives? Don’t open the window. Crank up the air conditioning.

That’s just one of the useful — and frequently surprising — tips available from fueleconomy.gov , the go-to web site for information on fuel economy.

While running the AC does increase fuel consumption, it’s more efficient than driving with the windows open at highway speeds. The open windows increase the car’s aerodynamic drag, and that makes the engine work harder, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Other EPA-approved fuel-savers

•Park in the shade so your car doesn’t get as hot.

•Leave the windows open when you first start driving to clear hot air out of the cabin.

•If you’ve got a plug-in hybrid, pre-cool the car while it’s still plugged in. That uses power from the electric grid, not your car’s engine.

While air conditioning uses energy, drivers are more likely to be safe and focused on the road when they’re comfortable. Don’t stress yourself out by driving in a sweltering hot car.

If you want to know how much more money you spend when you speed up, the website can calculate that, too.

Driving a 2015 four-cylinder Toyota Camry at 80 miles per hour will cost $1.49 more per 100 miles than 70 mph for instance.

Retro of the day: Steve Perry

“Oh Sherrie” is a song written by American singer Steve Perry, Randy Goodrum, Craig Krampf, and Bill Cuomo. It was recorded and released on Perry’s Street Talk album in 1984, his first solo album which he released while still a member of Journey. The song is often regarded as an “honorary” Journey song, being credited to the band on several hit compilation albums and in other media, largely due to its resemblance to the band’s trademark sound, as well as their performances of the song on the Raised on Radio Tour, which proved to be Perry’s live swansong with the band.[1]

The song was Perry’s biggest hit as a solo artist and written for his then-girlfriend Sherrie Swafford,[2] who also appeared in the music video. The song hit number three on the pop chart and number one on the rock chart in the United States,[3] partly aided in its success by a music video released to promote the song, which received heavy airplay on MTV.