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 Al Sharpton‘s daughter, Dominique Sharpton, was told in no uncertain terms by attorneys for the city of New York not to dump certain hiking images. These were photos that the 29-year-old posted showing a recent hike in Nevada’s Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

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According to the New York Post via Hot Air on May 23, Al’s girl put some pretty strenuous selfies of herself and a friend on Instagram. This happened after Sharpton sued NYC for a whopping $5 million.

The suit Dominique Sharpton brought against New York City says that after she tripped on a Soho sidewalk which she alleges was an uneven public walkway, she was encumbered with what had been called “permanent pain and mental anguish.” This lawsuit was filed earlier this month even though the reported fall happened last autumn.

Lawyer Michele Fox issued a warning to Sharpton, says that she must keep the photos in question. She must not destroy these images or alter them in any way.

It was in this letter authored by Fox that the lawyer “[demanded] that plaintiff [Dominique Sharpton] preserve any photographs, documents, communications and any other information, both tangible and electronically stored, potentially relevant to her alleged trip and fall.”

Sharpton’s attorney came back with a statement insisting that lawyer’s client “did sustain multiple ligament and tendon tears in her ankle” when the incident occurred last October. She wore a protective boot for a while after the unexpected spill onto the cement sidewalk allegedly occurred.

At this point, even though this member of the Sharpton family was able to take part in a rigorous hike in Nevada after living it up in Indonesia in what is said to have been another mountain hiking expedition, Dominique is still allegedly not back to her original shape. She apparently claims she is still suffering and is not able to do what she could prior to when the Manhattan accident reportedly happened.

Reports say that Dominique, who works for her dad as membership director for him under the umbrella of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, is looking for a payout.

She says through her lawyer that she is asking for this money, which has been reported as being a whopping $5 million, after losing “quality of life, future pain and suffering, [and] future medical bills. [She also anticipates] future diminution of income.”

Allegedly struggling with her injuries, Al Sharpton’s daughter is now facing a dilemma: Should she delete proof that she has been healthy enough to take on the Silver State’s stunning Red Rock Canyon on a rigorous hike or should she not? And, either way, will she still be able to win her personal battle with the city of New York?

Hey Dipshit do not go on a major hiking trip and post it on social media when you are claiming permanent injuries to your feet after a fall…..

The apple does not fall far from the tree does it?

watcha gotta say?

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