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The website “” has a spot for donations that would benefit Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva.

The fund was created after the Stockton City Council voted this week to approve a salary commission recommendation that the mayor’s salary be cut by more than $32,000.

The couple starting the fund chooses to remain anonymous, but the leading contributor was happy to explain his participation.

“It’s embarrassing to be part of a community that’s bullying the mayor. I don’t think anyone agrees they’d take a one-third pay cut from a job. We all complain when we get our check and the IRS has taken out a third,” Ron Felton said. He’s contributed $200 to the Silva fund.

Friday afternoon, the fund was still at $280 donated. The organizer stated a fund goal of $35,000.

Friday, Silva said that despite the salary hit he’ll take, he’ll give any money donated through the gofundme site to others.

“I’m humbled and flattered. Maybe it could be amended a bit so I can use it for homeless programs, use it to send kids to summer camp, and to keep swimming pools open,” Silva said. “The fact that there are people out there who care about me and like the work I’m doing means a lot to me.”

The salary commission suggested the salary cut after studying other cities of similar size and demographics. Council members also voted Tuesday to reduce their incomes. Those decreases will begin July 1.

A public official is being paid $72,000 with our tax dollars and someone feels they should start a campaign to give him free money in sympathy? Seriously?

His pay after the cut is still a very good income and I personally would be glad to have it.

I also find it interesting the so called people behind this wants to remain anonymous.

Here is a little background on this person:

Be sure to see what he thinks about transparency in Guvment:


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