The California State Senate is defending the hiring of two employees whose job duties include providing overnight transportation for its members.

Senate payroll records show two “special services assistants” were hired in February at $2,352 each per month. Both employees have Facebook pages showing they previously worked as peace officers.

According to the Sacramento Bee, a legislative chief of staff confirmed the employees were hired to prevent drunken driving by members following the arrest of four senators for drunken driving in recent years.

“There’s also hiring a cab. What’s wrong with that?” asked Katy Grimes, president of the Sacramento Taxpayers Association. “It’s elitist government at its ugliest.”

Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon would not take questions during an appearance at a labor event Monday on the Capitol grounds, but his press secretary provided a statement from Senate Chief Sergeant-at-Arms Debbie Manning justifying the two positions:

It’s the primary protective mission of the Senate Sergeants-at-Arms to ensure the security of our Senators and staff when they are working – which frequently entails long days and late hours. It’s a 24-hour-a-day responsibility. Earlier this year, with that mission in mind and after thoroughly assessing our current response capacity, I brought on two part-time security employees on staff to provide overnight emergency services in the Capitol, including in-building security, re-fueling of Senate vehicles, transporting Senate and staff and escorting Senate and staff to their vehicles after dark. These functions are comprehensive and important. Any suggestion otherwise from unnamed sources in media reports is inaccurate and unfounded.

I noticed that no comment was made about the law makers drinking and making decisions while under the influence of alcohol. If they are too drunk to drive are they ok to make important decisions?

This is simply more of Guvments mentality they have thinking taxpayers need to pay for all their sins.