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Two bikers out of 170 who were arrested after a shootout in Waco, Texas have been released, and now they are speaking out.

William and Morgan English, a married biker couple, posted a reduced bail of $25,000 and were released from jail on Monday. The couple have been in jail since their arrest on May 17, following a brawl at the Twin Peaks Sports Bar in Waco that left nine people dead and 18 injured.

The couple are still being charged with a felonies for engaging in organized crime, facing prison sentences that could land them behind bars for life.

“This whole thing is a sham,” said former marine William English, 33, who is a member of the Distorted Motorcycle Club. “I’m kind of upset that we had to pay to get out of jail when we did nothing wrong.”

Morgan English also says neither of them broke the law, explaining that they had arrived late to the meetup, right before gunfire broke out.

“All of a sudden I see a sea of people running towards me, and we run around the building,” said Morgan.

Paul Looney, the couple’s attorney, said their cases will go to a grand jury. Looney called the mass arrests “the most un-American activity I’ve ever seen conducted by a law enforcement agency.”

“These are great, salt of the earth people that formerly had the respect of the community,” Looney said. “In their community they have been broadcast as being thugs and members of a secret gang.”

Waco Police Sergeant Patrick Swanton is defending the actions of the police. “It’s pretty commonplace for arrestees to complain about being arrested. Our investigation is continuing, and the justice system is working as it should,” Swanton said.

WHAT THE FUCK he just say? They agreed to release people if they sign forms promising to not to sue the police and or city. Holding their freedom over their heads as a hammer to intimidate them, and this is how the justice is supposed to work? Either they are a danger to the community or they are not is how that decision should be made.

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