Pinellas County sheriff’s Office

Daniel Plunkett is behind bars for allegedly throwing a hot slice of pizza at his female roommate during an argument, which violated his probation for a prior drunken driving conviction.

A Florida man was put behind bars for drunkenly battering his female roommate with a hot slice of pizza, police said.

Daniel Plunkett, 50, allegedly threw the scorching slice at Brenda Fiejdasz, 56, after they argued over the pie at their Treasure Island home Wednesday night, reports The Smoking Gun.

Cops were called and Fiejdasz claimed the airborne portion hit her in the left hand.

Officers noted she had pizza sauce on her right shoulder. Plunkett had sauce on his bare chest and shorts, according to a police report.

Fiejdasz confessed she hadn’t been injured by the wayward wedge, but said the incident had left her and another witness scared.

Plunkett denied throwing the pie and then claimed he was in fact the victim.

But cops arrested him for misdemeanor simple battery.

My personal opinion is that there is no such thing as a bad pizza, Just some that are misunderstood and just need a hug, But not to be used as a projectile………