Pizza Hut confirms hot dog-stuffed crust pizza is coming to America


The rumors are true! We now have official confirmation that Pizza Hut is bringing hot dog-stuffed crust pizza to the great U.S. of A.

Courtesy Pizza Hut

It’s about time. After many years of gazing longingly across the pond while citizens of the United Kingdom enjoyed this decidedly American-inspired delicacy, we will finally have our chance to taste this unholy union of two culinary powerhouses.

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So what took so long? Pizza Hut just wanted to make sure that the dish was fit for American customers. According to a company spokesperson, “We wanted to do it in a way that was true to the way that an American would interact with two of their favorite foods. We haven’t done it this way anywhere else around the world and we think we really nailed it. Especially with the mustard on the side [instead of a mustard drizzle].”

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The mustard isn’t the only thing they changed. Unlike its predecessors, which were surrounded by one continuous, hot dog-filled crust, the American version will be surrounded by 28 individual hot dog bites, making this a truly customizable experience.

A single topping Hot Dog Bites Pizza will be available at all U.S. Pizza Hut locations beginning on June 18 for $11.99.

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