A lemonade stand operated by two young girls received national attention after police asked for a permit. Wednesday, police released the video of their encounter with the girls’ mother. 

In the video, released by the Overton Police Department, the first question to the girls’ mother was in reference to a permit. And for some reason the Chief of police was personally involved in this. You think he does not have better things to do?

You see in the video the city’s code enforcement officer drive up to the location of the girls’ stand, get out, and ask for their mother. Once the officer identifies the mother, she asks about the permit. Both women are off-camera.

“You get a permit with the city to serve this?” the officer asks.

“I didn’t know I had to,” the mother replies.

“Yes ma’am,” the officer says.

“Really?” the mother asks, “for a lemonade stand? I had no clue.”

“Yes ma’am,” the officer replies.

A moment later the mothers says, “I knew we had to for garage sales and stuff like that, but I didn’t know little kids had to for a lemonade stand.”

The officer replies, “We just have to enforce it.”

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After the exchange, police tell us a friend of the family went to Overton City Hall to obtain a permit. The $150 fee for the city’s Peddler’s Permit was waived, but staff members informed the friend that they would need to contact the health department.

Under state law, an inspection must be conducted and a permit must be issued in order to sell anything that must be temperature-regulated to prevent bacterial growth, including lemonade.

A couple of young girls are getting a lesson in the lunacy in Guvment these days, All they wanted was a little spending money and were willing to earn it instead of just begging someone for it.

Sadly this seems to be the way our Guvment wants to keep people from becoming self-sufficient and they keep control. Or they want a piece of their action.

And seriously arent there bigger problems in Texas like drug runners crossing the border, People bringing diseases across the border, Gang members coming into the country, Terrorists?

It also amazes me how fast the police can make videos available when it concerns the actions of the public, When it concerns the actions of the police those videos are not released for months or years if ever.

This is a Fucking joke