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One of the women involved in the Beech Grove Walmart brawl that was caught on video is now facing charges.

Not for assault, but for engaging her 6-year-old son in the bout.

Amber Stephenson, 34, Indianapolis, was charged Friday with neglect of a dependent and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. According to a probable cause affidavit obtained by The Indianapolis Star, Stephenson allegedly instigated the fight at the Walmart on the night of June 4.

Court documents state Beech Grove Police were dispatched to the store at 10:32 p.m. on a report of a fight between two women.

Responding officers located the two women in the store’s health and beauty section. Court documents state the altercation had just ended when police arrived, and the women, later identified as Stephenson and Rebecca Mills, were suffering minor injuries.

Officers took initial statements from Stephenson and Mills, as well as Walmart employees and others who witnessed the fight.

Investigators, as stated in the affidavit, have concluded the brawl went down like this:

Mills, seen in the video cruising the store on a motorized scooter, had become upset with one of the Walmart employees for leaving carts filled with merchandise in the aisle. The employee was restocking the shelves for the next day and was using the carts to move products.

Amber Stephenson, 34


As things escalated between Mills and the employee, Stephenson, who allegedly “came out of nowhere” with her 6-year-old son, stops in the aisle and says to Mills: “You must really hate your life.”

Stephenson then leaves the scene but returns minutes later to confront Mills again.

Then what begins as verbal shots traded between the two shoppers intensifies into a fist fight and wrestling match in the aisle.

But Stephenson’s not in hot water for the blows she delivered to Mills. She’s being charged because she ordered her son to “punch (Mills) in her face … punch her in her (expletive) face,” according to the affidavit.

During the skirmish, the child can be seen hitting and kicking Mills in the face and head, court documents state. The child then picks up a shampoo bottle and begins hitting Mills in the face with it.

In a radio interview days after the fight, Stephenson said: “I mean he’s a little crazy kid … he’s one I don’t ever have to worry about being bullied in high school.”

Stephenson’s contributing to the delinquency of a minor charge is only a misdemeanor, but the neglect of a dependent charge is a felony and could lead to jail time if she’s convicted.

In a statement provided to Fox59, Marion County Prosecutor’s office officials said they will not be charging Mills because they were more concerned with the “safety and welfare of the child, not choosing sides in what appears to be a mutually combative situation.”

If you notice too the other combatant got off of an electric handicap scooter to engage in the fight. Why was she on it in the first place? Is she applying for disability or something claiming she can’t walk? Looks to me like there were no limitations there.

Definitely white trash at it finest…….

From the This really Fucking Pisses me off Category…….

A man who was caught on camera hitting a three-year-old boy to the ground inside a supermarket in Bakersfield, Ca. during a sickening incident has been released on bail.

Justin Whittington, 23, was arrested on Friday and charged with child endangerment after he hit the child – believed to be his son – in the face so hard that he fell back on the floor.

He was filmed by CCTV chasing the boy through the shop on Thursday. When the toddler stopped and raised his arms, Whittington lunges forward and appears to punch him. He then drags him to his feet by his top and then pushes him away.

A pregnant woman – believed to be the child’s mother and Whittington’s partner Crystal – takes the hand of the crying boy, who holds the other to his hurt face, and walks out of the supermarket while Whittington heads in the other direction.

Whittington, from Bakersfield in California, was released on bail today after it had dropped from $1 million to $20,000.                                    Seriously? WTF dropped to $20,000????

The child was checked over by paramedics soon after the violent incident and was deemed not to need hospital attention.

If you watch the child in this video he knew what was about to happen, was scared to death, and wanted to run away, so this had obviously happened before.

This fucking shithead Justin Whittington is lucky I was not there and saw what happened I would have had a piece of his ass and just maybe he would have had a piece of blue steel shoved up his ass. And I would have taken measures to protect that child.

The mother has a responsibility to protect that little boy and failed miserably, she walked out like she was not even concerned about what just happened.



Faces of the world………..

Always look in the eyes…………

A 12 year old Brazilian boy playing the violin at his teacher’s funeral.

The teacher had helped him escape poverty and violence through music.

The child apparently passed away later that year after his teacher’s funeral,

from complications due to leukemia and other diseases

Retro of the day: Janis Ian

At Seventeen” is a song by Janis Ian, released in 1975 on Between the Lines(her seventh studio album) and as a single. Ian’s most successful recording, the song is a commentary on adolescent cruelty, the illusion of popularity, and teenage angst, as reflected upon from the maturity of adulthood. It is told from the point of view of a woman who was an “ugly duckling” as a girl and ignored in high school while the popular girls got all the attention.

Janis Ian, then 22, wrote “At Seventeen” in 1973 at her mother’s house over the course of three months.[2] In her autobiography Society’s Child, Ian says that the song was inspired by a newspaper article about a former teenage debutante who learned the hard way that being popular did not solve all her problems. The article included the quote, “I learned the truth at eighteen”; Ian found that the word “seventeen” worked better than “eighteen” when she tried to put this lyric with the bossa nova-style melody she had been composing on guitar. She also says she initially did not want to record or perform the song because she felt it was far too personal to share, but eventually changed her mind after adding the song’s final verse (“To those of us who knew the pain/Of Valentines that never came…”).