U.S. postal workers turn Scrooge, poor kids lose

Federal authorities have accused three U.S. postal workers of being Scrooges, by writing fake letters to Santa Claus to get Christmas gifts meant for poor children.

Terry Jackson, 22, Mahogany Strickland, 23, and Nickyeves Saintalbord, 28, all worked on the U.S. Postal Service’s “Operation Santa” program in 2013, according to a criminal complaint made public on Wednesday in federal court in New York.

Under the program, underprivileged children write letters to Santa asking for holiday gifts, which are received and processed by the postal service. Individuals can “adopt” the children and buy them gifts.

In 2013, according to the complaint, the postal service received more than 300,000 letters and processed more than 7,000 requests. Fewer than half were fulfilled.

According to U.S. authorities, Jackson, Strickland and Saintalbord wrote numerous letters pretending to be poor children and brought them to the main post office facility in Manhattan, which is the center of the “Operation Santa” program.

The three workers made copies of the letters to ensure they would be available at the desk where customers adopt gift requests, the complaint said. The three ended up receiving laptop computers, tablets, clothing and other items, according to the complaint.

In interviews with an agent with the U.S. Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General, all three workers admitted to writing multiple letters, the complaint said.

They were arrested on Wednesday morning and expected to make an initial court appearance later in the day.

In addition, Strickland and Saintalbord were also accused of relabeling gifts for children with their own addresses, and redirecting packages to their homes.

All three face mail fraud and conspiracy charges, while Strickland and Saintalbord also face a count of receiving stolen mail.

Defense lawyers either were not immediately available for comment or could not immediately be identified.

Somehow this shit does not surprise me anymore

Mississippi superintendent is no longer pressing charges

Jay the DICKHEAD Foster
Henry Walker Charged with crime for celebrating daughters graduation

A North Mississippi DICKHEAD NAZI superintendent is no longer pressing charges against family members for cheering at a high school graduation.

Some of those family members charged told WREG the damage was already done.

They were taunted and harassed at work and on the internet.

“It gave me a bad name like I’m a hoodlum or like I’m a delinquent or something,” said Henry Walker.

Walker was one of four served warrants for cheering at the graduation at Northwest Mississippi Community College last month.

Superintendent Jay Foster filed charges for disturbing the peace days after, because he was angry folks didn’t follow his rules and hold their applause until the end of the ceremony.

On Monday Foster dropped the charges.

One day before the case was set to go to court.

Foster did not say why he changed his mind and has yet to return any of WREG’s calls or email.

“The fact he waited so long.  Why wait now? Why not do this last week?” said Walker.

Ursula Miller was still shaking her head too.

She also got in trouble for cheering for her daughter and claims she’s been harassed too.

“Facebooking me. Calling me unhuman. That I shouldn’t have said anything,” she said.

Miller and Walker said the worse part was what should have been a day of celebrating will forever be tarnished.

Walker said his little sister won’t let it go either.

“She is blaming this whole thing on herself, which is not right. She doesn’t deserve that at all,” he said.

Superintendent Foster told WREG last week the charges were far from ridiculous, and he’s determined to have order at graduation ceremonies.

A child’s High School graduation Is a big event in peoples live and someone trying to control the event so that cannot be celebratory  in nature is someone with a sick mind. Fuck these schools these day they all have so many control issues that the schools almost seem like indoctrination camps.

Florida family ripped apart at the hands of child welfare workers.

This past April in suburban Florida, an 11-year-old boy got home before his parents and, having no key to get in, did what boys do. He played a little basketball and munched on some snacks.

His mom was on her way home, but got caught in afternoon traffic and weather. The boy’s parents arrived home at about the same time. Their son had been home for about an hour and a half when they arrived.

When the parents pulled into the drive, they were surprised to see a police cruiser parked in front of their home. Little did they know that their lives were about to be turned upside down. The police were waiting for them. Both parents were handcuffed, fingerprinted, strip-searched, and held in jail overnight. Their two children were taken from them by Child Protective Services.

This singular incident would be the start of a hellish month of battles, pain, and undue suffering. It would take that long for the parents to get their boys safely back home.

The authorities’ claims were that the couple’s son had no access to food, water, or a bathroom. The mother countered the claim by saying that there was a shed that had two sinks and hoses, explaining her son could have gotten water from there. He did, in fact, have food–he had eaten it already. As for not having a bathroom, apparently the police officer found their yard in decent enough condition to relieve himself while the boy waited alone in his squad car. The officer was not investigated for leaving the child alone while he peed in a yard that had no bathroom?

The couple’s children were in foster care for two days before being moved to a distant family member’s home. However, the parents still could not see their children. According to the law, they had committed a felony; so they were not allowed to cross county lines, and the relative refused to drive the children to see their distraught parents. After a few weeks, though, the relative grew tired of caring for their children and released them back into state care. The parents were not told about this until after the fact.

The civil court case was heard last week. There was a copious amount of deliberation between the attorneys and the judge. Growing weary and anxious, the 11-year-old boy asked to speak personally to the judge. This bold move single-handedly brought his family back together. He asked the judge to please return him and his little brother back to their parents. The judge agreed, with stipulations.

They are never allowed to leave their son alone in the back yard again, and they must also comply with all the CPS directives they had been given–including the family going to therapy and the parents going to parenting classes. The children also must attend daycare or day camp during the summers. The judge closed the civil case against the couple and returned their children to them.

The couple pleaded ‘not guilty’ in the criminal case. Their hope is that the charges get dropped; otherwise, they will be looking at third-degree felony charges and a criminal record.

This is a story that is being echoed all over the United States: CPS comes into a home, presuming guilt before innocence. With CPS coming under fire recently for neglecting to follow up on visits, or for other various acts of misconduct, it appears that CPS is trying to clean up its act. However, history is a good conduit through which to see that even the best of intentions can fail miserably.

CPS seems to have gone from a sleepy sheriff, hardly noticing anything that slithers into town, to a trigger-happy deputy green behind the ears arresting everyone. It is understandable to wake from a slumber and want to slay the evil dragon. What is unnecessary is the vilification of innocent lives, though. It appears that a government agency, which some would argue already has a bad reputation, is making their reputation worse.

CPS has a place in government. To some people, it appears it is overstepping its boundaries. It appears to be taking loved, well-cared for children out of their homes and placing them with strangers. To some, it appears that CPS has become overzealous and is inflicting undue pain and suffering on some of the families it investigates.

Michelle’s Lunch Rules Are Backfiring

Obama is moving full speed ahead with her unpopular rules and has said that she will fight for her program “until the bitter end.”

As Congress begins the process of considering whether to re-authorize First Lady Michelle Obama’s woefully unpopular school lunch requirements, forces are building to turn back the rules because fewer kids are participating in school lunch programs, there are higher levels of food waste being recorded, and school administrators are even finding more kids running to nearby fast food or convenience stores to load up on the food they like.

The Healthy Hunger-free Kids Act–the law pushing Obama’s nutrition requirements–is certainly unpopular with kids, but the law is also not a hit with school administrators or lunchroom personnel.

Last week, the 55,000 members of the School Nutrition Association lobbied against Michelle’s strict requirements, saying that what many kids call “starvation” lunches are having very unfortunate and unintended consequences. With the First Lady’s lunches being so unpopular, food waste is at an all time high as kids throw away Michelle’s unappetizing servings.

Additionally, as SNA member Debbie Beauvais notes, kids are sneaking to local stores to get the food they would rather eat.

“We have a new problem where we have to police the front doors,” Beauvaisrecently said. “Security is turning into a concierge because fast food trucks are pulling up. Kids are texting the local pizzeria and pizzas are showing up at lunch.”

As for the food waste, just in her district, Beauvais said that the vegetable mandate alone led to $25,834 in food waste.

As The Hill recently reported, “Of the students who are eating the school lunch, Beauvais said 23 percent are throwing away the half-cup of fruit or vegetables they are forced to take, which cost on average 26 cents each. With $112,320 spent on 432,000 cups of fruit or vegetables served a year, that’s $25,834 wasted.”

This cost is compounded to millions of dollars of food waste in schools across the country.

The SNA’s 55,000 school lunch workers insist that Obama’s starvation lunches are a big problem. The SNA wants to retool Obama’s program to give schools the flexibility to “allow schools to prepare healthy meals students will eat.”

Not everyone involved in school nutrition is calling for a complete end to the program, though. In a very politic manner, Lynn Harvey, chief of school nutrition services at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, tried to sound upbeat about the idea behind the program.

“I think right off the bat we admitted that the Healthy Hunger-free Kids Act has created a lot of positive change in school meals and we certainly don’t want to roll back school meal standards to where we were prior to the implementation,” Harvey said.

But even Harvey insisted that having more flexibility to act would be preferable to the from-the-top, overly strict requirements that Obama’s school lunch program imposes on schools.

Whatever happens, First Lady Michelle Obama is moving full speed ahead with her unpopular rules and has said that she will fight for her program “until the bitter end.”

Retro of the day: Judas Priest






Breaking the Law” is a song by British heavy metal band Judas Priest, originally released on their 1980 album British Steel. The song is one of the band’s better known singles, and is recognised by its opening guitar riff.

Prior to releasing 1980’s British Steel, Judas Priest had been making moves toward streamlining their music into a simpler, less processed sound. That approach came to full fruition on British Steel. “Breaking the Law” combines a recognisable minor-key opening riff and a rhythmic chorus as its main hooks. There is a change-up on the mostly instrumental bridge, a new chord progression with Halford shouting “You don’t know what it’s like!” before the sound effect of a police car’s siren leads back into the main riff (made using aStratocaster by Downing). More recent live performances of the song have featured a short solo by KK over the bridge. The outro of the song is the main riff played repeatedly with Halford singing the chorus and Downing playing power chords.