Escapees were headed to Mexico

Recaptured killer David Sweat told authorities that he and Richard Matt had planned to flee to Mexico in the hours after their spectacular escape from prison three weeks ago, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday.

The plan apparently went awry when Joyce Mitchell, the 51-year-old manager of the prison tailor shop, abandoned a plan to drive off with them, Cuomo told The Capitol Pressroom, a local radio show here.

“They would kill Mitchell’s husband, then get in the car and drive to Mexico on the theory that Mitchell was in love with one or both of them,” Cuomo told the Pressroom. “Then they would go live happily after after, which is a fairy tale that I wasn’t read as a child.

“But we all believe what we want to believe.”

Sweat’s condition was upgraded to serious from critical Monday, one day after being shot and captured near the tiny town of Constable, less than two miles from the Canadian border. Matt was fatally shot by U.S. Border Patrol officers Friday.

Sweat told investigators the men decided to head for Canada when Mitchell did not show. Cuomo said Sweat told authorities the two escapees split up about five days ago.

“Sweat felt that Matt was slowing him down, as a matter of fact,” Cuomo told Pressroom.

State Trooper Jay Cook spotted Sweat on Sunday, chased him on foot and finally shot Sweat as he approached a tree line, authorities say. Cuomo has dubbed Cook a “hero,” saying Sweat could have disappeared into the woods and then into Canada if Cook had not acted.


U.S. justices turn down states over voter registration restrictions

Here is a picture of the IDIOTS!

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear a new case on voter registration in Arizona and Kansas, meaning the two states will not be able to require applicants to show proof of citizenship.

By rejecting a joint appeal by the states, the high court left in place a November 2014 ruling by the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. That appeals court decided that the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, a federal agency that oversees changes to state voter registration procedures, was not required to grant the states’ request that proof of citizenship be added to registration requirements.

An earlier version of the legal battle made it to the high court in 2013. Then, the court struck down an Arizona law that required people registering to vote in federal elections to show proof of citizenship. In the ruling, Justice Antonin Scalia had said that Arizona could ask the federal commission to include a citizenship provision on the federal form.

The case is Kobach v. U.S. Election Assistance Commission, U.S. Supreme Court, No.14-1164.

In other words we will have non-citizens voting in the elections. Does anyone else see a problem with this? I sure the fuck do…………

Britain: Expect new terror attack

BRITAIN and Europe should be braced for possible terror attacks TODAY, a leading security expert said last night.

The date marks the first anniversary of Islamic State setting up its so-called caliphate in Syria and Iraq.

Dr Afzal Ashraf warned: “The timing of the atrocious attacks in Tunisia, France and Kuwait suggest that these events could have stemmed from the same motivation: to mark the first anniversary of the forming of the caliphate which will be on Monday.

“Friday was significant, as it was the last holy day before this anniversary. Instead of going to a mosque, the form of worship adopted by these people is to kill innocent people.

“And it is very likely IS will try to grab the headlines again in the next four or five days with another flurry of activity. This real risk will continue until the end of Ramadan, around July 19.”

Thousands of Britons defied an increased terror alert on Saturday to attend parades around the UK to mark Armed Forces Day.

More than 900 marched in Guildford, Surrey, at a parade attended by David Cameron and Prince Andrew.

A threat by a suicide bomber to target a parade in Merton, south-west London, was thwarted by police.

July 4 terrorist warning

Authorities are warning of possible terrorist threats around the July 4 holiday, several law enforcement officials told CNN on Friday.

The Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and the National Counterterrorism Center issued a joint intelligence bulletin to law enforcement across the U.S.

The bulletin doesn’t warn of any known active plots. But it serves as a general warning of heightened threats. It says extremists could launch attacks tied to Independence Day or in reaction to perceived defamation of the Prophet Mohammed.

CNN reported in recent weeks that U.S. law enforcement officials believe the Islamist terrorist threat is the highest in years. The officials have raised concern about possible domestic attacks tied to the July 4 holiday and the upcoming visit of Pope Francis.

The FBI and the Justice Department’s national security division have moved aggressively in recent weeks to arrest and charge extremists thought to be plotting attacks or supporting groups such as ISIS. The FBI has increased its surveillance and monitoring of some suspects.

Also on Friday, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson issued a statement in response to the attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait,saying in part, “Particularly with the upcoming July 4th holiday here in the United States, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI continue to communicate with state and local law enforcement about what we know and see.

“We are encouraging all law enforcement to be vigilant and prepared,” the statement continued. “We will also adjust security measures, seen and unseen, as necessary to protect the American people.”

To be honest I have mixed emotions on this one, ISIS could very well be here in this country, Along with recent confirmations of street terrorists like MS13. And very easily with unsecured borders that we have. Many demand we give rights to people who come here illegally and do not think we should protect those same people from the terror groups using that same means to enter the country.

The second thought, or concern rather, is this stuff is the basis they used to justify the Patriot act to violate so many innocent people rights with intrusions in all our lives based on the Guvments need to monitor their own citizens more than the real dangers of our country.

Justice in America: The AJ Pontillo story

Acquitted bail bondsman files claims seeking damages from Stanislaus County, Modesto, Ceres

Below you will find a link to the newspaper article about AJ Ponitillo’s civil suit against the county and many local agencies here. Also there are some PDF files you can view in regards to who is named in this suit. In addition you may notice the interesting name in the mix is The COPSUCKER, aka Linda Taylor.

AJ Pontillo

Refer to part 3 of my series to get more info:

Also the discovery received by AJ identifying some of the players like the copsucker in the feds paperwork:

If you read through the documents in this posting and the previous discovery posted you will find an interesting timeline, Initial Snitch report, by the copsucker in 2007, a raid in 2008, another raid in 2010, and AJ was arrested in 2011 after filing numerous complaints against law enforcement, both local and federal.

Being former law enforcement I am aware if it takes 4 years to arrest a suspect in a non-homicide case then you are trying very hard to make a case that may not exist. For some reason they were hell bent on making a case and arresting AJ.

One of the raids they were allegedly only looking for a file and not any suspects but took all people in the building down at gunpoint with assault rifles and handcuffed everyone and displayed them in front of a large glass window in the front of the building. They damaged doors and took video equipment because they were looking for a “file” Or were they just fishing? (Which is supposed to be illegal) on a search warrant. It is required by law to be specific.

Steve Jacobson

Just as a reminder the lead investigator Steve Jacobson has been charge with jury tampering when this case when to trial. Somebody tell me there was not a personal issue when a police officer does that.

More to follow as information becomes available.

Read the article click here::

Here Is a sampling of some of the documents:

There are 13 pages total anyone wishing to see them all please ask and I will send them to you.






Retro of the day: Conway Twitty

I’d Love to Lay You Down” is a song written by Johnny MacRae, and recorded by American country music artist Conway Twitty. It was released in January 1980 as the first single from the album Heart and Soul. “I’d Love to Lay You Down” was Conway Twitty’s 24th number one on the country chart. The single stayed at number one for one week.

In 2002, Daryle Singletary released a cover version which went to number 43 on the same chart.

Conway’s version of this song features an extremely unusual series of key changes: the song progressively lowers in key instead of the musical standard of changing keys upwards.

Conway Twitty[edit]

Chart (1980)


U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles


Canadian RPM Country Tracks