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BRITAIN and Europe should be braced for possible terror attacks TODAY, a leading security expert said last night.

The date marks the first anniversary of Islamic State setting up its so-called caliphate in Syria and Iraq.

Dr Afzal Ashraf warned: “The timing of the atrocious attacks in Tunisia, France and Kuwait suggest that these events could have stemmed from the same motivation: to mark the first anniversary of the forming of the caliphate which will be on Monday.

“Friday was significant, as it was the last holy day before this anniversary. Instead of going to a mosque, the form of worship adopted by these people is to kill innocent people.

“And it is very likely IS will try to grab the headlines again in the next four or five days with another flurry of activity. This real risk will continue until the end of Ramadan, around July 19.”

Thousands of Britons defied an increased terror alert on Saturday to attend parades around the UK to mark Armed Forces Day.

More than 900 marched in Guildford, Surrey, at a parade attended by David Cameron and Prince Andrew.

A threat by a suicide bomber to target a parade in Merton, south-west London, was thwarted by police.

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