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Acquitted bail bondsman files claims seeking damages from Stanislaus County, Modesto, Ceres

Below you will find a link to the newspaper article about AJ Ponitillo’s civil suit against the county and many local agencies here. Also there are some PDF files you can view in regards to who is named in this suit. In addition you may notice the interesting name in the mix is The COPSUCKER, aka Linda Taylor.

AJ Pontillo

Refer to part 3 of my series to get more info:

Also the discovery received by AJ identifying some of the players like the copsucker in the feds paperwork:

If you read through the documents in this posting and the previous discovery posted you will find an interesting timeline, Initial Snitch report, by the copsucker in 2007, a raid in 2008, another raid in 2010, and AJ was arrested in 2011 after filing numerous complaints against law enforcement, both local and federal.

Being former law enforcement I am aware if it takes 4 years to arrest a suspect in a non-homicide case then you are trying very hard to make a case that may not exist. For some reason they were hell bent on making a case and arresting AJ.

One of the raids they were allegedly only looking for a file and not any suspects but took all people in the building down at gunpoint with assault rifles and handcuffed everyone and displayed them in front of a large glass window in the front of the building. They damaged doors and took video equipment because they were looking for a “file” Or were they just fishing? (Which is supposed to be illegal) on a search warrant. It is required by law to be specific.

Steve Jacobson

Just as a reminder the lead investigator Steve Jacobson has been charge with jury tampering when this case when to trial. Somebody tell me there was not a personal issue when a police officer does that.

More to follow as information becomes available.

Read the article click here::

Here Is a sampling of some of the documents:

There are 13 pages total anyone wishing to see them all please ask and I will send them to you.






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