Forget TouchID. The next smartphone security code could come from your ear. Amazon has patented an ear recognition technology that can identify a user based just on ear shape, as seen through a phone’€™s front-facing camera. The device, according to the patent, could€œ determine whether the user is holding theContinue Reading

A former Florida teacher was sentenced to 22 years in prison Thursday for having sex dozens of times with three of her students — with one of her trysts leading to her getting an abortion. “I wish I could go back and remove what I have done,” a tearful Jennifer Fichter,Continue Reading

“Dukes of Hazzard” star John Schneider is fuming that TV Land has pulled the plug on reruns of the humorous adventure show. The actor, who played Bo Duke on the popular early ’80s series, expressed his anger over the show being drawn into the controversy over the Confederate flag, withContinue Reading

Facebook, among other large internet companies, is trying to figure out how to connect the next billion people to the internet. Without access to expensive wired internet connections, these people largely won’t be getting online from computers, but from mobile devices. The race is on to figure out how toContinue Reading