Air Force allows rainbow-striped U.S. flag at base

Officials at Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tuscon, Arizona, are allowing a rainbow-striped American flag to remain flying at someone’s home after an airman complained it violated Title 4 of the U.S. Code. Writing for The Blaze, former Senior Airman Brian Kolfage said he was driving through the base when he saw an American flag with rainbow stripes instead of red and white stripes flying high on a two-story house. Mr. Kolfage argued that the flag violates a section of Title 4 that states the American flag “shall be thirteen horizontal stripes, alternate red and white; and the union of the flag shall be forty-eight stars, white in a blue field.” “The flag I saw is a parody of the American Flag with 50 white stars in the union, smeared with the rainbow colors as the stripes. The moment the flag took on the union stars is where it becomes a violation, with my understanding of the U.S. Code,” he writes. The 355th Fighter Wing Public Affairs office first told Mr. Kolfage that they were reviewing the issue, though no action had yet been taken. “We take seriously our responsibility to abide by federal law and defend the Constitutional rights of all citizens,” the office said. Three days later, Mr. Kolfage received the following message: “The installation commander carefully considered the opinions of legal professionals and the law. The display in question is not an altered U.S. flag; therefore, its display does not violate federal law. No action will be taken.” Erin Ranaweera, a 355th Fighter Wing spokeswoman, issued an identical statement to The Washington Times. But Mr. Kolfage isn’t taking the decision lightly. His article for The Blaze, published Thursday morning, had been shared more than 4,000 times by Thursday afternoon. “I sure hope Airman around the globe read this, and bust out their flags whether they be a big Christian cross, Santa Claus, Gadsden, Medical Marijuana, Rebel, NASCAR, pink unicorns, or whatever they feel they represent,” he wrote. “Even if you’re for straight marriage go ahead and fly that flag if it’s what you truly believe.” “And when the Air Force instructs you to take it down, refer them to this article and then contact me. I’ll personally ensure your rights are not infringed upon,” Mr. Kolfage wrote. “If you’re proud of your sexuality, then please represent it, but do not do it at the sake of insulting our nation’s flag. Please have some respect and go buy a regular Lesbain Gay Bisexual and Transgender pride flag.” I am now wondering if desecration of this flag is free speech or discrimination against LGBT community.

Dipshit of the day: Fireworks and Drinking…….

Devin Staples

A young man who was drinking and celebrating the Fourth of July tried to launch a firework off the top of his head, fatally injuring himself, authorities said Sunday.

Devon Staples and his friends had been drinking and setting off fireworks Saturday night in the backyard of a friend’s home in the small eastern Maine city of Calais, said Stephen McCausland, a spokesman for the state Department of Public Safety. Staples, 22, of Calais, placed a fireworks mortar tube on his head and set it off, he said.

The firework exploded, killing Staples instantly, McCausland said.

His death is the first fireworks fatality in Maine since the state legalized fireworks on Jan. 1, 2012, authorities said.

Calais is on the Canadian border near New Brunswick.

State fire marshals were also investigating several other Fourth of July fireworks accidents involving injuries in Friendship, Jefferson, Lebanon and Woodstock. They said most of the accidents involved burns and eye injuries. McCausland said further details were expected to be released later Sunday.

In 2011, lawmakers voted to repeal a 1949 law banning fireworks, reasoning the industry would create jobs and generate additional revenue.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies…….

NYPD Asked Bodybuilder to Help Break Down a Door and then Killed Him

The family of a man killed by an errant police bullet during a bloody domestic altercation filed a $25 million lawsuit against the New York Police Department on Tuesday. Rafael Laureano, 51, was put in harm’s way by the police in a serious breach of protocol, the lawsuit alleges.

Officers asked Laureano, a bodybuilder, to break down a door so they could get into an apartment to stop an attack by a crazed knife-wielding ex-boyfriend. Francisco Carvajal was attempting to cut through a bathroom door with knives to attack Katarzyna Russo and her two children. Laureano was a friend of Russo.

Instead of using a battering ram, or their Emergency Service Unit, or their own bodies, the officers had Laureano, who had no bulletproof vest, no gun, and no support, do the dangerous job of breaching a door with an unpredictable situation waiting inside. After Laureano got through, Carvajal rushed at the newcomers with his knives, prompting the officers to open fire.

18 bullets were fired, nine of which struck Carvajal and killed him. One bullet hit Laureano in the back, and an autopsy confirmed that this bullet is what killed him.

Strangely, the hospital and the police informed Laureano’s son, Rafael Laureano, Jr., that his father had been stabbed “multiple times” to death.

When I got to scene I asked three cops what happened to my father, no one wanted to tell me anything,” said Laureano, Jr.

However, a few days later the city medical examiners found that Laureano had not been stabbed, but was shot by the NYPD.

Did the officers and hospital staff try to prevent Laureano’s son from knowing the truth?

“The NYPD and the city has yet to provide the Laureano family with the truth of what led to [their father’s] death,” said Abe George, the lawyer for Laureano’s son.

NYPD officials claim that the officers forced open the door and then Laureano ran into the apartment.

We need to follow this one I am not sure what the truth is here.

Doctor in Mexico removed wrong eye from infant cancer patient

 A doctor in the northwestern Mexican state of Sonora surgically removed the wrong eye from a 14-month-old cancer patient, a health official said, citing a report prepared as part of an investigation into the alleged case of medical malpractice.

“The studies showed the eye was healthy,” Jaime Zaldívar, the IMSS health service’s Highly Specialized Medical Units chief, told Imagen Radio on Friday.

His remarks contradicted the initial statement by the IMSS’s Sonora branch, which said the preliminary investigation showed “the child (Fernando Jonathan Valdes) had advanced congenital cancer that was affecting both of his eyes.”

Doctors detected a tumor in the boy’s left eye when he was eight months old, his father, Fernando Valdes, said early this week, adding that he subsequently was administered chemotherapy at an IMSS facility in Sonora.

When the treatment was ineffectual, the infant underwent an operation on June 26 in which the surgeon removed his right eye after supposedly detecting “a more dangerous tumor” than the one in his left eye.

Valdes said the surgeon called his wife to the operating room three times with different information before finally telling her he had removed the right eye, even though previous tests had revealed the presence of a tumor in the left one.

“The surgeon should face a criminal investigation,” Zaldívar said Friday.

“The boy’s other eye, which has cancer, needs to be removed,” he said, adding that the disease “not only compromises the boy’s vision” but also is life-threatening.

But the infant’s mother, Marlene Ayala, told the same radio station Friday that the family is “considering other treatment options.”

She said the IMSS did not send her the report that confirmed the medical malpractice, adding that the health service “offered an apology, but an apology isn’t going to give my son his sight back.”

Ayala and her husband have filed a criminal complaint against the operating ophthalmologist, who has been suspended.

Someone not thorough enough down south of the border.

Retro of the day: Lita Ford

Lita is the third solo studio album by the American rock singer and guitarist Lita Ford. It was originally released in February 1988 and it was her first for RCA Records and her first published with the supervision of new manager Sharon Osbourne. The album features the song “Close My Eyes Forever”, a duet with Ozzy Osbourne, and the hit “Kiss Me Deadly“, which was named the 76th best hard rock song of all time by VH1.[4] Musicians Don Nossov and Myron Grombacher, who were best known for being the rhythm section of the successful American singer Pat Benatar, joined Ford for the recording sessions and for the promotional tour.


The album peaked at No. 29 on the US Billboard 200 chart[5] and the single “Close My Eyes Forever” peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.[6] The song is also featured on the video game Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore.









Billboard 200 (USA)[5]


RPM100 Albums (Canada)[8]


New Zealand Albums Chart[9]











Kiss Me Deadly

Billboard Hot 100 (USA)[6]


RPM100 Singles (Canada)[10]


New Zealand Singles Chart[11]


Mainstream Rock (USA)[6]


UK Singles Chart[12]


“Back to the Cave”

Mainstream Rock (USA)[6]



“Close My Eyes Forever”

Billboard Hot 100 (USA)[6]


Swedish Singles Chart[13]


New Zealand Singles Chart[14]


Mainstream Rock (USA)[6]


UK Singles Chart[12]


“Falling In and Out of Love”

Mainstream Rock (USA)[6]



Country Organization Year Sales
USA RIAA 1989 Platinum (+ 1,000,000)[15]
Canada CRIA 1988 Gold (+ 50,000)[16]