Dipshit of the day: Singer Chris Brown barred from leaving Philippines

Award-winning U.S. singer Chris Brown has been barred from leaving the Philippines because of a contract dispute, the official Philippines News Agency reported Wednesday.

Brown was stopped Wednesday morning while preparing to depart on a private jet from Manila’s international airport on his way to Hong Kong for a concert, the news agency said.

The Philippine Department of Justice said that an order had been issued Tuesday night to stop any attempts by Brown, 26, to leave the country.

Brown performed a concert that evening as planned, but the order was put in place to compel him to pay back money that promoters said was owed to them after he failed to appear for a previous appearance scheduled for last New Year’s Eve.

That concert was supposed to take place at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan, north of Manila.

The Bureau of Immigration said Brown and his promoter John Michael Pio Roda were both subject to an immigration lookout bulletin, but they could seek a clearance certificate that could allow them to leave if the Department of Justice consented.

It’s not the first time that the chart-topping star has run into trouble with authorities.

A few months after Billboard named him Artist of the Year, Brown assaulted his then-girlfriend Rihanna — another popular singer — inside a rented Lamborghini on the eve of the Grammy Awards in February 2009. He pleaded guilty that June to one felony assault count, after which he was put on probation for five years, ordered to serve 180 days of labor-oriented service and made to take a yearlong domestic violence class.

He made a public apology but didn’t stay out of trouble. In 2012, he had an altercation with rapper Drake at a New York club. The next year, a woman accused Brown of shoving her at a club in Anaheim, California, bringing an assault and battery claim; he was accused of committing a hit-and-run in Los Angeles; and he was accused of felony assault after an incident outside a W Hotel in Washington.

Those incidents added up, along with a positive marijuana test and prosecutors’ claim that Brown didn’t finish his court-mandated community labor. He entered rehab in 2013 to “gain insight into his past and recent behavior,” his representative said, only to get kicked out of the facility for smashing his mother’s car window during a family session, according to his probation officer.

Brown entered another rehab facility, only to leave in 2014. He was then taken into custody by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies after a judge revoked his probation. He was released from jail in June 2014.

Last week, the artist was the apparent victim of crime after armed intruders burst into his Southern California home and locked his aunt in a closet, according to police.

When you pretend to live the thug life, you just may die by the thug life. This shithead needs to do some real soul searching……..

Susan Smith says she’s no ‘monster’

Susan Smith, the Union, S.C., mother sentenced to life in prison after confessing to the murder of her two young boys 20 years ago, said she never planned to kill her children.

Smith reiterated in a letter she wrote to The State newspaper that she loved her boys. She said the deaths were unplanned, that she was distraught. She only lied about the boys being kidnapped because “I didn’t know how to tell the people who loved Michael and Alex that they would never see them again.”

So she said she planned to kill herself.

“I had planned to kill myself first and leave a note behind telling what had happened,” Smith said in the letter to the newspaper. “I didn’t believe I could face my family when the truth was revealed.”

“I am not the monster society thinks I am. I am far from it,” she wrote to reporter Harrison Cahill.

Wednesday marks the 20th anniversary of Smith’s conviction, for which she received a life sentence in the deaths of 14-month-old Alex Smith and 3-year-old Michael Smith.

In August 2014, The State submitted a letter to Smith asking if she would share her experiences of her trial and investigation for a 20th-anniversary article regarding the untold stories of the Susan Smith case, which was published in the newspaper in October.

Smith said she was unable to respond in time to tell her side because the letter “was sent to the SCDC Correspondence Review Committee and was not approved until Nov. 19, 2014.”

“I imagine that was done on purpose,” Smith said. “I wanted to let you know that I would have most likely responded to your letter because I have yet been able to speak on my behalf. It has been hard to listen to lie after lie and not be able to defend myself.”

But now, 43-year-old Smith has shared some of her thoughts regarding the night she killed her children.

On Oct. 25, 1994, Smith told law enforcement she was stopped at a red light at an intersection on Main Street in the town of Union, when a black male forced her out of the car at gunpoint and drove off with her two small sons in the back.

“Something went very wrong that night. I was not myself,” Smith said. “I was a good mother and I loved my boys (sic).”

Nine days after reporting to police that her sons were missing, Smith confessed to watching her 1990 Mazda Protege roll into John D. Long Lake with Alex and Michael strapped into the backseat.

“The only reason I lied is because I didn’t know how to tell the people who loved Michael and Alex that they would never see them again,” Smith said.

The nation had been riveted by Smith’s story. Many were shocked by her confession. And her lie about a black man hijacking her car caused ripples of racial anger for decades.

Initial reports suggested that Smith killed her children after receiving a letter calling off the affair she was having with the son of the owner of the company where Smith worked as a secretary.

“The thing that hurts me the most is that people think I hurt my children in order to be with a man,” Smith said. “That is so far from the truth.”

On July 22, 1995, then-16th Circuit Solicitor Tommy Pope failed to convince the jury that Smith should receive the death penalty for killing her two children. Smith was sentenced to life in prison.

I am sorry Susan, Anyone one who can kill her own children, especially a mother in such a cold callous way, is a fucking monster and always will.

Then tell all kinds of lies trying to cover it up.

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New image showing warmest sea surface temperatures in almost 20 years

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has published an image comparing the Pacific Ocean’s sea surface temperatures from November 1997 and July 2015, offering a glimpse of a strong El Niño that may batter California with heavy rain this winter.

The image, taken from the agency’s NOAA View Data Exploration Tool on their website, shows unusually warm ocean temperatures stretching from Alaska down to Peru. The large volume of warm ocean water along the Pacific coast appears to surpass the size and strength of 1997’s record-breaking system.

“The 1997-1998 El Niño was distinguished by record-breaking warm sea surface temperature anomalies in the equatorial east-central Pacific Ocean. So far in 2015, increasing equatorial warmth is developing alongside a positive Pacific Decadal Oscillation, characterized by persistently higher sea surface temperature anomalies of the northeastern Pacific,” the NOAA writes.

These new images add to mounting evidence suggesting that a powerful El Niño, which began forming last winter, may soon bring above-average rainfall for California and ease the state’s four year drought.

“We’re predicting a strong El Niño,” said Maureen O’Leary, National Weather Service spokesperson.

The variations in sea surface conditions are also being blamed for the strange weather over the Bay Area, including last weekend’s hot and muggy climate, and unusual animal behavior such as the growing number of shark and mountain lion sightings.

While the state is in need of moisture, too much weather could lead to rain-related destruction.

On Friday, heavy rains pounded the bone-dry Southern California region, washing out an elevated section of Interstate 10 near Desert Center, one of the major highways connecting California and Arizona.

The Pacific Coast is also expected to see more hurricanes and typhoons this season.  So far in 2015, there have been four hurricanes compared to just two by this time last year.

Google knows where you’ve been,

If you’re all-in on Google services — say, if you use Google Now on your smartphone — you’re likely aware of the fact that Google tracks your location to serve you useful information. What you might not realize is just how much location data Google has on you. Surprisingly enough, the company has just turned that somewhat creepy bit of info into a new feature called Your Timeline. For Google Maps users on Android and on the web, this feature will let you “visualize your real-world routines” — a less sketchy way of saying you can see everywhere that Google has tracked you with its Location History setting.

In fitting with Google’s typically excellent app design, Your Timeline shows up in a nice, scrollable format that reminds me of the new Google Calendar app, letting you swipe your way through a day to see where Google saw you. It even pulls in relevant photos you might have taken if you’re using the Google Photos app for that extra bit of “this is your life” oddness. Of course, Google notes that this data is all private to you and you can delete it all at any time, either by the day or en masse. You’re also welcome to turn off Location History in your Google settings at any time, should you have it enabled and want to remove it.

As with most things Google does, your reaction to this will likely vary depending on how deeply you’re hooked in to Google’s services. If you love everything that Google Now provides, this probably won’t bother you — and I’m not going to lie, I got a kick out of seeing my various routines and how they vary from day to day or month to month. But if you’re a more privacy-conscious individual, simply take this as a reminder to check out your security and privacy settings. Fortunately, Google recently launched a new privacy hub for its users that should make doing that a lot easier.

Retro of the day: The sex pistols

Anarchy in the U.K.” is a song by the English punk rock band the Sex Pistols. It was released as the band’s debut single on 26 November 1976 and was later featured on their album, Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols. “Anarchy in the U.K.” is number 56 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time

Originally issued in a plain black sleeve, the single was the only Sex Pistols recording released by EMI, and reached number 38 on the UK Singles Chart before EMI dropped the group on 6 January 1977, a month after members of the band used profanity during a live television broadcast.