Bobbi Kristina Brown has passed away

Bobbi Kristina Brown has passed away.

The 22-year-old daughter of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston had been unconscious after being found unresponsive in a bathtub in her Roswell home on Jan. 31.

Bobbi Kristina was rushed to the hospital, where she was placed in a medically induced coma. Despite months of treatment in two Atlanta hospitals and a rehab facility, she has never regained consciousness.

The family announced on June 24 she was moved to hospice care.

“She is finally at peace in the arms of God,” her family told NBC News in a statement. “We want to again thank everyone for their tremendous amount of love and support during these last few months.”

A lawsuit was recently filed by Brown’s conservator and accuses Nick Gordon of abuse and claims he took money from her without authorization.

Sometimes there is a legacy that the kids cannot out live or get past…….

Recall issues may cost Fiat Chrysler $105 million

Federal safety regulators are expected to announce a consent order with Fiat Chrysler calling for the automaker to pay a $105 million fine, clean up its recall procedures and repurchase some vehicles, according to news reports.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) held a hearing into the company’s safety record earlier this month at which witnesses excoriated Chrysler for being slow to diagnose and report safety defects and even slower to conduct recall campaigns to fix the defects.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx indicated last week that a consent order was in the works but did not reveal any details. The Wall Street Journal today reports that the company, now officially called FCA US LLC, will agree to assign an independent monitor to monitor its safety and recall operations.

At the hearing, FCA was accused of botching 23 safety recalls and being slow to recognize and report safety defects to NHTSA, as federal law requires.

“What you heard here is there’s a pattern that’s been going on for some time, frankly,” NHTSA Administrator Mark Rosekind said after the hearing.

NHTSA has already “tentatively concluded” that the company has failed to complete as many as 11 million recalls in a timely manner, sometimes because it took too long to find a remedy and other times because it took too long to make enough replacement parts available

Cash for Jeeps?

The report says that FCA will begin offering cash to owners of certain Jeep Cherokees to encourage them to go to their Jeep dealer to carry out a recall that is intended to make the SUVs less prone to burst into flames after rear-end collisions. Jeep owners might also get a cash bonus if they agree to trade in their recalled Jeeps.

Various Jeep Cherokee and Liberty models are covered by the recall, which followed years of controversy during which safety advocates said the Jeeps were dangerous because their fuel tank was behind the rear axle and Chrysler countered that the SUVs were statistically as safe as comparable vehicles.

At the NHTSA hearing, Clarence Ditlow, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety, said Chrysler had failed to notify NHTSA of the defect despite confidentially settling at least 44 lawsuits since the Jeep Grand Cherokee was introduced in 1993.

“When forced to do a recall by NHTSA in June 2013 with a dubious trailer hitch as a remedy, Fiat Chrysler failed to send an interim … owner notification until January 2014 and a final … until September 2014,” he said, noting that two,two years after the recall started, only 5.9% of the nearly 1.5 million 1993-98 Grand Cherokees and 25% of the nearly 1 million 2002-07 Liberty’s have been remedied.

“People die when manufacturers fail to remedy recalled vehicles,” Ditlow said. “On November 11, 2014, Kayla White burned to death in a rear impact in her 2003 Jeep Liberty. Kayla was 8 months pregnant and had tried to get Fiat Chrysler to install the trailer hitch before the fatal crash.”

Ditlow charged that there have been at least 20 deaths in the recalled Jeeps since NHTSA recall request on June 3, 2013.

$105 mil.? A simple drop in the bucket to these people.

Dipshits of the day: Frontier amusement park

After a heartbroken Averie Mitchell was denied a trip down their water slide while wearing her prosthetic leg, one Oklahoma amusement park is vying to change their company policy.

“After talking to the general manager they have not completed their new policy yet, but no one will have to take off their prosthetic, as long as they cover the metal,” Kimberly Mitchell of Hugo, Oklahoma told ABC News. “We were still upset at the fact of how it was handled, but we decided that the awareness needed to be out there.

“These kids, and vets, and anybody with a prosthetic leg can do anything a person with two good legs can do.”

Mitchell said although her daughter Averie, 8, has been living with a prosthetic most of her life, it never lets it slow her down.

“She was born with a condition called pseudarthrosis of the tibia,” Mitchell said. “At age two, we opted for amputation, so that she could grow up with a prosthetic. It’s below the knee, so she still has her knee joint. She rock climbs, plays football, fishes, rides four-wheelers, gymnastics, circus camp — you name it, she’s tried it.”

Mitchell said it was July 18 when she and her husband John decided to take Averie to Frontier City amusement park in Oklahoma City, where she rode several rides before visiting the water slides.

“We had been there before and she wanted to enjoy the water park,” she said. “We went up the stairs to the tall slide and the attendant stepped in front and said ‘You can’t go down.'”

Assuming the park was performing routine maintenance, Mitchell said she made her way back down the slide with Averie.

U”I said ‘Why can he go down and she can’t?,'” Mitchell said. “When I talked to the lead attendant she said, ‘Those [prosthetics] and casts may scratch our slide.’

“My first response was anger and I was very upset, but Averie thought she had done something wrong,” she added. “She was crying, so I knew at that point that I needed to keep my calm, take care of her, then get the situation figured out.”

Mitchell said Frontier City’s manager told her and her husband that Averie’s prosthetics posed a safety issue, as they could scratch their slides, causing danger for other park-goers who slid down after her.

“They gave us the option that she could take her leg off and go back, which we didn’t agree with at all,” Mitchell added. “Then we just left the park.”

When the Mitchell’s expressed their disappointment with the manager, he offered the family a refund for their admission to the park.

The following day, Mitchell said, she received the full $107 dollars for all three tickets.

Shortly after, the park sent her a preliminary change to their ride policy, as Mitchell said they had promised.

Until, she said, she witnessed another child sliding down the slide.

“Frontier City is amending and clarifying company policy regarding guests wearing prosthetic devices and their access to water slides,” the park said in a statement. “Guest safety is the priority in every situation, and the company follows ride manufacturer’s suggestions and guidelines. A young guest was recently denied access to a slide at Frontier City’s Wild West Water Works.

“The attendant on duty feared her prosthetic device could pose a safety concern on the slide. Her family raised appropriate objections and Frontier City began a review of policies regarding prosthetics on the slides.”

Frontier City added that any guests with prosthetics may ride under the following conditions:

1. The rider must be able to safely enter and exit the slides without assistance. 2. The rider must be able to assume the prescribed riding position. 3. Prosthetic devices must not have any exposed metal in order to be permitted on the slides.

“Frontier City will be implementing this new policy effective immediately and will be updating all safety signs and website to reflect these changes,” they said. “We regret our previous policy was not clearly posted on park signage and have apologized to this family for the inconvenience and heartache this has caused them.”

Mitchell said that given the design of Averie’s prosthetics, she believes they wouldn’t have scratched the slides.

She added that she hopes the incident puts a halt to the discrimination of people who wear prosthetics.

Let the lawsuits fly…….

Hillary: “I did not send or get classified emails on private account”

U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said on Saturday that she did not use a private email account to send or receive classified information while she was secretary of state, in response to a government inspector’s letter this week.

“I did not send nor receive anything that was classified at the time,” Clinton said at a campaign stop in Iowa.

The email controversy has dogged Clinton’s bid for the presidency, fuelling worries that the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination has tried to sidestep transparency and record-keeping laws.

At least four emails from the private email account that Clinton used while secretary of state contained classified information, Inspector General Charles McCullough, who oversees U.S. intelligence agencies, told members of Congress in a letter on Thursday.

Clinton said on Saturday she had “no idea” what were the emails mentioned in the letter.

McCullough’s letter said a sampling of 40 of about 30,000 emails sent or received by Clinton found at least four that contained information the government had classified as secret.

The information was classified at the time that the emails were sent, McCullough said.

The use of her private email account, linked to a server in her New York home for work, has drawn fire from political opponents since coming to light in March.

Republicans have accused Clinton of trying to avoid disclosure laws through her use of private systems.

The frontrunner to represent the Democratic Party in the November 2016 election, Clinton has repeatedly said she broke no laws or rules by eschewing a standard government email account.

While Clinton faces little competition for the Democratic Party’s nomination, several recent polls have found a majority of voters find her untrustworthy, a perception potentially exacerbated by controversy over her emails.

Hey who wouldn’t believe her? ME! ME! ME!

What scares me even more is this goofball is likely to be elected by a whole bunch of self-serving people looking for freebies.

Retro of the day: Lobo

Don’t Expect Me to Be Your Friend” is a song recorded by Lobo and released as a single in 1972. “Don’t Expect Me to Be Your Friend” reached number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 and spent two weeks atop the Easy Listening chart in February 1973.[2] The single was Lobo’s third easy listening number one and his second release in a row to top the chart.