When former NFL wide receiver Bernard Berrian reviewed his home security tape after a burglary in April, he was surprised by what he saw, according to CBS Sports.

What he saw was his former college teammate Therrian Fontenot burglarizing his home, writes the news outlet. The two played football together at California State University at Fresno, while Berrian went on to play for the Vikings and Bears.

Before the robbery, the two were attending the same barbecue, the report says.

“It was crazy because we were all sitting around and he actually left from where we were at to go do it,” Berrian told ABC30.com in Fresno, Calif. “Boom, motion sensor went off, I get an email, so I click on the live cam.”

Berrian installed the security system because he had been robbed at least two other times and now suspects his ex-teammate of those thefts too, writes the news outlet.

“He would always call me and try to ask me where I was, make sure I was out of town,” Berrian said of Fontenot, writes CBS Sports. “If I was home all the time, he’d blow up other friends in the crew asking them the same question, where’s Bernard, how come he’s not answering his phone.”

Fontenot, who spent time in training camp in 2005 with the Packers and in 2006 with the Browns, pleaded no contest to the burglary that was caught on film and will now spend six months in jail, the report says.

“I mean I hate seeing people go to jail and I hate seeing people get locked up but he got what he had coming to him,” Berrian said, writes the news outlet.

With friends like that, who needs enemies, right?