Two immigrants in the country illegally have been appointed to commissions in a small city in southeastern Los Angeles County. The Los Angeles Times reports 21-year-old Julian Zatarain was sworn in Monday to a position with the parks and recreation department in the city of Huntington Park. The Mexican immigrant cameContinue Reading

A school resource officer in Kentucky handcuffed a crying third-grader with disabilities last year, according to a new video released by the American Civil Liberties Union. The video accompanies a federal lawsuit filed Monday by lawyers on behalf of two children against the Kenton County Sheriff’s Office in Covington, Kentucky.Continue Reading

When Amazon gave 60 Minutes a sneak peak at its drone delivery plans in 2013, it was easy to imagine that it was just a publicity stunt. The announcement was the day before “Cyber Monday,” the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season online. And the idea of drones deliveringContinue Reading

As the one-year anniversary of the shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown approaches, The New Yorker has a new profile of the former Ferguson, Missouri cop who killed him. That cop, Darren Wilson, has gotten thousands of letters from supporters including cops, but he can’t find work as a police officer and livesContinue Reading