Super Fucked up dipshit of the day: Wounded Warrior fund thief

The community of Lodi, Ca. is rallying behind a local A&W restaurant after a thief stole donations they’d been collecting for the Wounded Warrior Project. Staff believe the suspect is a repeat customer.

“The guy came in, ordered ice cream, and as soon as she turned around to make it for him, he grabbed it and ran out the door,” Petter Knight of A&W said. “It’s terrible. We were pretty sad.”

The theft absolutely crushed employees. The thief made off with about $50 in Wounded Warrior donations.

“The Lodi police responded quickly,” Knight said. “They were looking at our video within an hour.”


And they weren’t the only ones. Knight uploaded the security video to Facebook, reaching 20,000 people by Saturday morning.

“I think it’s horrible and I hope they catch the guy,” one customer responded.

The post generated some identification of a potential suspect. More than that, it fired up the community who refused to let the donation box stay empty long.

“Wounded Warrior is one of our favorite charities,” one donor said.

“This little town looks after its own,” another customer said.

Staff said they’ve made back what was taken from them, in more ways than one.

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