To the surprise of almost no one who follows Apple, the company is planning to hold a big event early in September to take the wraps off its next iPhone. According to the well-sourced John Paczkowski of Buzzfeed, that event will happen on Wednesday, September 9th. iPhones are a shoe-in, as they’veContinue Reading

Busting an intruder? There’s an app for that. Two clever California sister got a burglar arrested within minutes by using the Google Hangouts app on their phones as he raided their Fresno home, police said. The girls, who are 8 and 14, saw the suspect, Jose Carlos Palomares, in theContinue Reading

Far from being a place of freedom, innovation and information, the Internet as we know it is dying, Stanford University’s Jennifer Granick told a packed house at the Black Hat computer security conference Wednesday. “It’s not the level playing field that we once thought it would be,” she said. TheContinue Reading

Reports like this, combined with media skepticism, have led many Americans to believe that the safety net of Social Security will not be around to catch them when they fall into retirement. However, some Social Security experts believe that the federal government will not allow Social Security to become insolventContinue Reading

Three-time NASCAR champion Tony Stewart is being sued by the parents of a race car driver killed last year during a break in a dirt-track race in upstate New York, the plaintiffs’ lawyers announced Friday. Kevin Ward Jr. was killed August 9 after he got out of his wrecked sprintContinue Reading