Busting an intruder? There’s an app for that.

Two clever California sister got a burglar arrested within minutes by using the Google Hangouts app on their phones as he raided their Fresno home, police said.

The girls, who are 8 and 14, saw the suspect, Jose Carlos Palomares, in the backyard of their house around 9 a.m. Thursday, the Fresno Bee reported.

Palomares allegedly climbed into the house through a bedroom window and spent about 15 minutes stuffing clothes, a tablet computer and $400 cash into backpacks, police said.

“I could hear him move through the house and into our computer room — it sounded like he was breaking stuff,” the 14-year-old girl, identified only as Hailey, told the Bee.

Meanwhile the girls, who Palomares apparently never noticed, hid in a bathroom and texted a friend through Google Hangouts, telling her to alert their dad’s girlfriend, Jennifer Hedrick, who then called police.

Fresno Police Department

Shithead Jose Carlos Palomares, 23, was arrested outside the home after trying to run from police.

“My first thought was: If this is a joke, I am going to kill you, Hailey,” Hedrick told the Bee.

“But I didn’t care. As soon as she said someone was in the house, I was gone. I didn’t even lock my door.”

Dozens of officers arrived before Palomares, 23, even left the house, and formed a perimeter around the home. He tried to run but was immediately arrested. All of the stolen items were recovered and the house saw no damage.

The girl’s father, who has not been named, made it home in time to see the thief get cuffed.

“They are fine, they are both fine,” he told ABC News about his girls. “They did the right things. They locked themselves into the bathroom. They are good girls.”

Techonology can be a good thing for sure. But I would be willing to bet this is a guy who has had many run-ins with the law and if it was not for this states unwillingness to punish criminals he would be in jail where he belongs.