Activists with Black Lives Matter protests halted a political rally in Seattle where Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was scheduled to speak on Saturday afternoon. “We’re shutting this event down — now,” said an activist who suddenly leapt on stage. She approached the microphone where Sanders had just begun speaking,Continue Reading

What provoked the name-calling was a Securities and Exchange Commission vote on Wednesday to adopt regulations requiring corporations to disclose the gap between what they pay their CEO and their workers. The commissioners voted 3 to 2 along straight party lines. In a dissenting statement, SEC Republican Commissioner Michael PiwowarContinue Reading

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accidentally spilled a million gallons of mine waste into Colorado’s Animas River yesterday. The river’s befouled waters turned a bright yellow, their acidity increasing by 100-fold, as officials warned of risks to fish and cautioned that the contaminated sludge could irritate human skin. “The waterContinue Reading