Donald Trump reiterated he doesn’t owe Fox News’ Megyn Kelly an apology for controversial comments about blood coming out of her “wherever” on Monday. In fact, she owes him one.

“She should really be apologizing to me if you want to know the truth,” Trump said, adding he doesn’t understand why Fox News doesn’t treat him well.

“They didn’t ask me about the economy, they didn’t ask me about jobs,” he continued, claiming the moderators went into attack mode.

In response to a question about whether he’s spoken to network chairman Roger Ailes, Trump declined to answer: “I don’t want to say that… why should I say it, I’m not going to embarrass anyone,” he said. “My whole life has been led on the theory that I do not want to embarrass people.”

As TheWrap previously reported, the Fox News vs. Donald Trump debate storyline — now with Trump’s comments about Kelly adding fuel to the fire — sets up the new quasi-2016 campaign, pitting the real estate mogul against the conservative-leaning network.

For GOP candidates, having Fox in your corner is vital to victory. So far, Megyn Kelly hasn’t commented on Trump’s comments.

Megyn Fox has probably done Trump a big favor, now people are talking about him more than ever and Faux news has been known for a long time as ratings and agenda and not responsible journalism. But then again don’t they all do that?


  1. Being “leader of the free world” is not just about policy stances, it’s also about the quality of one’s character.

    These so-called “ambush” questions are fair game in the debates, as they force Trump to justify his previous misogynistic remarks, frequent outbursts of petty vindictiveness, and puerile behavior. As it turned out, pettiness, vindictiveness, and misogyny are all that Donald has in his arsenal.

  2. Actually that is not all in his arsenal or he would not have been so successful in his business ventures.
    But I do not know if we really want him in the white house.
    On the other hand his outspokenness and honesty is refreshing from all the constant lies told to us by politicians and the media, Thus his popularity in the polls. Political correctness has gotten out of hand and we are forgetting what is really important. And forgetting that we need to show more respect to each other and can be honest without disrespect that people are engaged in these days.
    Or are you one to believe we need someone with the character of Hillary Clinton? At least Trump admitted his actions.
    Feel free to answer honesty your answers will not be edited, I love to hear and share opinions.

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