With the most mobile home parks in California, San Jose may take the unprecedented step Tuesday of suspending closures of what has become a critical part of the affordable housing stock in the Capital of Silicon Valley but also a target for developers in a hot real estate market. TheContinue Reading

Government documents obtained by journalists reveal the justifications behind hundreds of police requests to the Pentagon for military-grade equipment. More than 450 requests analyzed by Mother Jones reveals that drug enforcement is the most common reason police requested access to mine-resistant ambush vehicles, or MRAPs, the armored military transports thatContinue Reading

Family drives 90 miles before realizing they left daughter at rest stop A 3-year-old girl was mistakenly left behind by her parents for more than two hours at a highway stop in southern France, local authorities told ABC News. “Another family was at the rest stop and noticed the girlContinue Reading

A cargo ship connected to Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell was recently stopped and searched before departing from Colombia. During the search, Colombian Coast Guard agents seized roughly 90 pounds of cocaine. The drugs were found on the Ping May, which is a vessel operated by the Foremost Maritime Corporation, aContinue Reading

It all started when Floyd Mayweather referred to Ronda Rousey as a “he” a little more than a year ago. Since then, Rousey has fired off one jab after another until Mayweather responded with a very Floyd-esque comeback. When it looked like their little verbal back-and-forth was going to die down, the UFC‘s Twitter account added their two cents, re-igniting theContinue Reading

Zimbabwe’s temporary ban on trophy hunting lasted for just over a week. South Africa’s News24 reported yesterday that the ban, introduced after last month’s scandal over the killing of Cecil the lion, has been lifted. According to the report, a statement from the Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Association wasContinue Reading

Floyd Mayweather thinks he’s a much better boxer than Muhammad Ali (what an idiot) Floyd Mayweather stopped by ESPN Deportes last week and ranked the top five boxers of all time. It’s all part of the media blitz for his upcoming September 12th bout with Andre Berto. Here’s how theContinue Reading