Dipshit of the day: Mayweather the chump…….

Floyd Mayweather thinks he’s a much better boxer than Muhammad Ali (what an idiot)

Floyd Mayweather stopped by ESPN Deportes last week and ranked the top five boxers of all time. It’s all part of the media blitz for his upcoming September 12th bout with Andre Berto.

Here’s how the list turned out:

  1. Floyd Mayweather
  2. Roberto Duran
  3. Pernell Whitaker
  4. Julio Cesar Chavez
  5. Muhammad Ali

No surprise that Mayweather ranked himself top of the list — he explains why extensively in the video while referring to himself in the third person, and he constantly calls himself “TBE” for “The Best Ever”. But putting Muhammad Ali No. 5? Madness!

Mayweather says it was because Ali only fought in one weight class, and because he lost to Leon Spinks when “Spinks only had seven fights when he beat him.” No mention of Sugar Ray Robinson or Leonard in the top five, either, while Mayweather’s fellow undefeated boxer, Rocky Marciano, also missed out.

It was not worth embedding the video so here is the link of this shitheads list if you are interested:



  1. I don’t find it plausible that he could have taken Ali in his prime. Muhammad Ali was at the outer edges of human capability, a one-in-a-generation prodigy who had unmatched speed and precision with heavyweight power–“the fastest big man and the biggest fast man.”

    On the other hand, I don’t think Rhonda Rousey would last four seconds in the ring with him, either boxing or MMA. Or Warmachine. Or George Foreman–yes, today’s diabetic 70 year old George Foreman. Kimbo Slice, for that matter, would beat her like he thought candy was going to come out. Rhonda Rousey is a silly, silly woman.

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