Ronda Rousey Says She Would Beat Floyd Mayweather in a “Ruleless Fight”

It all started when Floyd Mayweather referred to Ronda Rousey as a “he” a little more than a year ago. Since then, Rousey has fired off one jab after another until Mayweather responded with a very Floyd-esque comeback. When it looked like their little verbal back-and-forth was going to die down, the UFC‘s Twitter account added their two cents, re-igniting the feud.

Fittingly, Rousey participated in Reddit AMA on Monday and, as expected, Mayweather’s name was brought up. While there were probably plenty of questions regarding Money Mayweather, the UFC Bantamweight champion responded to the one asking if she could “legitimately beat Floyd Mayweather in a ruleless fight”?

Do I think I would legit beat Mayweather in a ruleless fight? Floyd is one of the best boxers of all time. He would definitely beat me in a boxing match. I unfortunately don’t get into “matches.” I fight for a living. In a no rules fight, I believe I can beat anyone on this planet. Boxing is a sweet science with strict rules that I respect very much and aspire every day to improve at. But you said ruleless fight, and that’s my honest answer.

It will never happen but man would I love to see Mayweather get his ass whipped by super chick


  1. I know Rhonda Rousey is trying to talk smack and get press attention, but she’s just being silly.

    Here we see her “sparring” with a trainer, a retired former MMA fighter named Gerard Mousasi.

    He’s almost old enough to be her daddy and he’s only got about fifty pounds on her. He’s throwing her around as though she were a four-year-old and you can tell he’s trying not to hurt her. He’s not even getting winded. Mousasi was noted during his career for his mastery of savate and Brazilian jujitsu techniques. He’s not even using any of that–he’s just grabbing her and rather gently tossing her around. And she’s utterly helpless the whole time–if he wanted to hurt her, she couldn’t stop him.

    But she says she wants to get into the ring with a male world-class pro boxer? Even a welterweight like Mayweather, who’s pushing forty and only about 25 pounds heavier than she is? I think that might not end well for her.

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      Talk is the name of the game and she can do it. I think she has earned the right.
      But there will never be a bout with a man or at least should not be just for the reasons you have stated.
      She just could not hold her own and a turd like Mayweather is used to pounding on women.

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