1. Reminds me of a line from the movie On Golden Pond… Look Norman, the loons, the loons.

    Just googled the guy. He has several videos on YouTube. One of them refers to an incident that happened close to me. Two kids stabbed their parents and 3 of their siblings to death. He rambles on about several supposed inconsistencies. The guy’s a certified nutjob!

    1. A conspiracy theory nut job, Ok thanks Brian. I normally would check things out myself
      but I am taking care of last minuet details of my trip.
      If I was an organized person would not be such a last minuet nut job packer every time I go somewhere.

    2. BTW any delivery date on that hot pink, hot wheel Mustang yet?

      1. It’ll probably be delivered while you’re out of the country. I guess they’ll just send it back

        1. WHAT!!! dang that’s cold…… Damn thing will fit in the mail slot……..

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