My arrival:

After a 14 hour flight I arrived at Aquino airport in the Philippines. Trust me you do not want to take this plane ride in the middle seats on the Boeing 777. You do not have any place to rest your head to sleep nor room to even move around a bit, especially if you are a good size guy like me.

I rode in Philippine Airlines out of San Francisco and the flight crew were a bunch of incredible people who understand customer service. Seems to be a lost art in this country these days. They understand respect and comfort for their passengers and do not subscribe to the “cause of the day” mentality to please the current fads sweeping the nation.

Upon exiting the plane the first thing you notice is the heat and humidity even at 4:00 am. And going through customs there were many employees going through the crowd trying to assist the travelers questions and needs, they even moved me to a senior citizen window to expedite my process. (Hey I did not mind one bit).

The custom and immigration officers were respectful and efficient and always used good manners and are grateful for their jobs as many do not have them there. And there were constantly people wanting to help me. WOW what a culture shock right away.

I met the wonderful people who came to meet me at 4:30 am, with one of them a woman, holding a sign that said “Dawg I am here!!!” Easy to spot on both counts.

I felt taller than ever around all these wonderful people but it was never an issue it seemed with them or me.

A quick stop at the embassy to register my passport which could have been done easily online and I was off to some really interesting escapades in the next 4 days.

Next my first observations…….