So, maybe her boyfriend was cheating on her because she’s an idiot? According to Gawker, a 20-year-old Connecticut woman was recently arrested after she keyed her boyfriend’s car and slashed his tires for cheating on her. She also allegedly did the same thing to her friend’s wheels because she believed sheContinue Reading

I love places like airports for one reason, they are a great people watching place. You look at the hustle and bustle and people too busy to stop and enjoy themselves especially in America. I noticed something a little different in the Philippines. People were sitting around outside the terminalContinue Reading

It’s late summer, which means new phone season is upon us. If the rumors are true, the newest version of the iPhone is due to be announced in early September, likely on the 9th. Samsung’s new version of its popular Galaxy phones hit the shelves last week. Motorola, HTC andContinue Reading

And finally the other shoe drops with regard to the Ray McDonald situation. A Santa Clara grand jury has indicted McDonald on one count of rape, and indicted Ahmad Brooks on one count of misdemeanor sexual battery. McDonald could face up to eight years in prison, and Brooks could faceContinue Reading