I love places like airports for one reason, they are a great people watching place. You look at the hustle and bustle and people too busy to stop and enjoy themselves especially in America. I noticed something a little different in the Philippines. People were sitting around outside the terminal and actually talking to each other. Some were on their phones of course, but many were not. It was an interesting people study.

The people that took me to the airport did the same thing, we were several hours early and we just sat around and talked and laughed and enjoyed the moment, they are incredible people and will be part of my life for a long time now. A good satisfying feeling.

The check in at the ticket counter was smooth and painless, but an interesting thing happened. Going into the terminal I had to go through a screening process with metal detectors, then checked in, then once I was around the backside to enter the tarmac loading area, On my flight only, all passengers were screened again with metal detectors and the same employees but wearing a different color jacket, and an immigration officer looking over their shoulders we had to produce our passports again before being allowed into the seating area for the flight. But again the people were all considerate and respectful, it is a natural thing it seems for the people there to do.

The flight again was a tedious 13 hrs. But was an adventure in its own, especially since I was in a middle seat and could not really relax or sleep but they had TV’s on the backs of all the seat for passengers to watch shows, movies, listen to music, and play games.

Upon arriving in San Francisco I realized how screwed up we really are here. You enter the customs area and the line stretches forever and the have automated machines to take your picture and check your passport. Then it prints a ticket, you then go to another long line and wait for an immigration officer in a booth who refuses to smile or even say hello and chastised me for having my ear buds in because I was on the phone earlier checking on my ride home. He was a dick in every sense of the word, and it started with his body language.

Then there was another immigration officer sitting outside the booth where everyone was exiting and checking the same paperwork again and this officer told a young man, and I quote “get the fuck off the phone No one told you that you could make a call”. Personally I wanted to tell that officer to go fuck himself, but it was not business and I wanted to get out of there and an asshat like him would have held me up indefinitely.

I then go to the carousel where the luggage is coming out and finally got my luggage after an incredibly long wait, and most of the luggage was just wildly thrown on the conveyor and some luggage you could not see because they were piled up so much, my bag I actually missed the first time around because of that.

After getting the luggage I walked out toward the pick-up area and there was barricades everywhere and no signs to direct the foot traffic. There was another immigration officer, this time a female, that I asked where do I go to get out and she just stood there staring at me like I was an idiot, Then I realized that she was collecting the tickets printed by the automated machine and checked it for the 3rd time now then I was allowed to move on to the pick-up area.

In recap after getting off the plane I came into contact with 6 employees in the customs area, none showed even a minimal amount of pleasantry, respect, or a little bit of courtesy. One particular officer even swore at a young man out of the blue.

What the FUCK has happened to the people in this country? Seriously folks I could go back there and live a little more pleasantly that I do here.

Next final recap…………………


  1. Unfortunately this country is going to hell in a handbasket.

    1. It is sad to see, for many people it was their first impression of this country and it had to be something like that. SMH

  2. It was a beautiful country when we lived there back in 1980-84. Living on Subic Bay was like living in the States, but I loved when my Dad took me off base and we checked out all the cool places. Did you get a chance to see the Pagsanjan Falls? Fucking gorgeous.. When we lived there I was a Boy Scout and one of the things my troop did was retrace the Bataan Death March. It was very eerie place, even at 13 years old I read enough about WWII and the march to know how many Americans and Filipinos were tortured and killed by the japanese.

    1. I was not there long enough to see some of those things but I will next time for sure. thanks for sharing.

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