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So, maybe her boyfriend was cheating on her because she’s an idiot?

According to Gawker, a 20-year-old Connecticut woman was recently arrested after she keyed her boyfriend’s car and slashed his tires for cheating on her. She also allegedly did the same thing to her friend’s wheels because she believed she was the other guilty party.

While on the surface it sounds like your average Saturday morning in some parts of the country, what makes this story unique is that the scorned woman responsible for the keying didn’t know how to spell “whore,” so each car was left with “wore” etched into the side of it.

Shannon Csapilla originally denied any wrongdoing when Stamford police brought her in. But after leaving the cop shop, she decided to Snapchat a photo of the police station along with the caption “Stamford police have nothing on me.”

It turns out they eventually did have enough on her when one of her Snapchat friends turned her in. It also didn’t help that she admitted to her boyfriend that she screwed with his car.

But at the end of the day, you have to think that it could have been worse. I mean, she could have keyed “count” into their rides.

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