Some general observations:

As you can see my vacation was a pleasurable week and I met some incredible people, and as Mac Arthur said “I WILL RETURN”.

Hanging out at the business of the people I was visiting, I also learned there is a fairly strong LGBT community there. Talking to two of the “Ladies” there I learned a lot about that there. They loved to sit and talk about America and I enjoyed their Filipino life stories.

They are very good high quality people, and although I have known several transvestites before they were of exceptional quality people and are not into the in your face attitude you see in America. They do not want anything extra just to be accepted for who they are and go about their lives in a quality manner. And they do suffer some prejudices there.

I will always be friends with them for I believe in having quality in my life at all times.

I noticed on the plane home, there was an elderly gentleman who was travelling with a very young Filipina who was very beautiful from the start but had obviously had some “enhancements” done and it just struck me as he had developed a Barbie doll toy for himself and I was kind of embarrassed for him. Give me a woman who is just herself and I can accept her for just that.

Here is a picture of some power lines I thought were interesting:

You think you would ever see that here? I guess it is probably safe and almost all the buildings are cement there but looks a little scary.

So summoning it up:

The people are wonderful

People accept you for who you are very easily (but be careful if you’re an asshole)

The businesses understand customer service and not in a false P.C. Fad of the day way

The food is incredible everywhere I ate.

The traffic is something I relish to drive in someday (I have always wanted to do a destruction derby)

The LGBT community wants just live their lives and not gain advantage from it

From everything I saw the Family unit is very strong

It must be noted I was privy to some good quality people during that time, the kids were respectful and honest, and the relatives all are involved and supportive in each other’s lives. It may be different with some people over there and the struggles are obvious but overall my experience was nothing but good and a lot of fun. And after the wakeup call I got from the immigration asswipes when I returned I could seriously live there and just get used to the humidity, it just might be worth it.