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  1. Modesto Massage – Massage Therapist/Caretaker by Day Belly Dancer by Night! Over 16 years of experience with pre and post sports athletes, lymphatic drainage, prenatal and post-natal massage, pregnancy & labor coach, geriatric and post stroke massage, infant massage and even pet massage. Reiki master and have studied nutritional healing and other forms of Energy healing such as Barbara Brennan's Light Emerging and Donna Eden's Energy materials. I have dabbled with qigong and the healing codes of Dr. Alexander Lloyd, but I am not certified in either of these practices for certification requires monetary investment which raises my prices. I have accompanied moms in labor and observed one live birth in addition to my own c-section and VBAC births. I have helped animals who are ailing in moving around better during their last days as well as helping my cat rapidly recover and not need surgery after an accident he was in. Dogs and cats have been drawn to me my entire life knowing that healing energy before I was aware of it...heheh I am adept at visualizing energy blockages either in person or over the phone. Also do distance healing.
    Modesto Massage says:

    Hysterical video! You know how many complaints go in to MPD, but we’ve never had one single raid of any place here? Although it’s just been “hearsay” what I’ve been told…kinda like your friend, copsucker?, Linda Taylor, from A.J.’s discovery. Each of those were awesome btw. Just gossip and hearsay…but enough to put an innocent man behind bars…yet I doubt much would be done if I were to report all the things that have been told to me about the Asian parlours here. I’ve tried, but still nothing much has happened here. I think they should just legalize solicitating sex and get it out of my backyard. I even stumbled onto a website that rates them…like their bra cup size and what extra happy ending services they do, Same guys seem to go to each one of them in search of the happiest ending of all…he They do complain about the lousy massages they get and having to pay extra for the happy part. You do a wonderful job engaging in debate with Ms. Taylor. this kinda ending, though, isn’t quite the same as the ones around here from the reviews I’ve read about them.

    As far as my typing in comments, I don’t aim to be grammatically correct…I kinda type like I’m talking with a bit of slangtyping. Glad to have found your blog here again because dawgonit, I couldn’t remember the name of your blog to save my life! I think I had cop sucker on my mind too much.


  2. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
    dawg417 says:

    Thank you for the atta boy and keep doing what you are doing. Massages are very valuable in todays stressful society and I am not talking the jerk off kind.
    You do not know how much enjoyment I got out of those articles about copsucker, especially since she went on a discredit campaign against me and told a massive amounts of lies. and she is always using false ID’s to look like others agree with her. She is such a idiot she does not realize I can get her IP address since I have more than average web access. plus you should see where that piece of trash lives.
    I am glad you were able to relocate my site and any suggestions or information about issues is always welcome. Maybe some stories about the massage business?
    I have a lot of fun calling it as I see it. The first amendment is great.

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