What Hillary Told A Staffer Who Wouldn’t Send Her Classified Doc Stuns

The scandal over Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a personal email server while she was Secretary of State is growing by the week; and this week, we discovered one of her most outrageous actions yet, so outrageous that even some of the talking heads on MSNBC, the far left cable news network, are shocked by what she said to a lowly staffer.

Hillary has claimed since day one that as Secretary of State, she never sent any classified material over her privately operated and kept email server system. But with each newly released batch of emails sent from her secret address, we see that she has blatantly lied. Each and every batch has classified material among them. And now what Hillary did to a staffer over these emails is riling even the lefties of MSNBC.

The folks on Joe Scarborough’s Morning Joe show were shocked that Hillary demanded that a staffer send her classified material via the email address in question, even though the staffer tried to remind her that the material was classified.

In February of 2010, Hillary sent an email to staffer Jacob Sullivan demanding that he send her some information over the email system. But Sullivan wrote back apologizing, yet saying he just wasn’t allowed to.

“Trust me, I share your exasperation,” Sullivan said to Hillary via the email address. “But until ops coverts it to the unclassified email system, there is no physical way for me to email it. I can’t even access it.”

This reply infuriated Hillary, who sent emails slamming the staffer for refusing to send the info she wanted. Hillary’s emails berating the staffer, though, shocked the MSNBC crew.

Scarborough slammed Hillary, saying, “Everything she said in that…press conference about, ‘this is just patently false’ — and here, you actually have her berating somebody that worked for her…and works for her still.”

“Berating him, saying, ‘send me this classified email, And he said, basically, ‘I can’t, it’s classified. I can’t even access it because it’s classified.'”

MSNBC contributor Mike Barnicle chimed in and noted that the scandal is starting to redound badly on Hillary and is becoming more about how badly she is handling the scandal than in what she actually did as secretary of State.

Earlier this year, Scarborough also noted that Hillary’s claims that she didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to use a personal email address don’t pass the smell test. In March, Scarborough noted that Hillary herself told staffers that government employees were supposed to use official email, saying: “you should not do State Department business on personal email.”

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