TSA shithead at JFK busted in swiping of passenger’s $7K watch…….

A sticky-fingered Kennedy Airport TSA agent has been busted in the theft of a passenger’s $7,000 watch — and is accused of then destroying it in an attempt to avoid getting caught, authorities said Friday.

Tranportation Security Administration screener Margo Louree-Grant was caught on security camera swiping the men’s luxury watch about 3 p.m. Aug. 26.

The watch, completely covered in white diamonds, had been placed in a plastic bin for screening by passenger Bindoo Ahluwalia.

When Ahluwalia walked away without the watch after passing through security at Terminal 7, Louree-Grant snatched it and took it to a bathroom, prosecutors said.

But she became nervous when she returned to her post and found co-workers searching for the timepiece. She left her post again and claims to have destroyed the watch, officials said. She quit her job soon afterward.

Louree-Grant, of Brooklyn, was arrested Wednesday night and charged with grand larceny and official misconduct. She faces up to seven years in prison if convicted, officials said.

“This kind of thievery will not be tolerated at our airports,” Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said Friday.

Louree-Grant was arraigned in Queens Criminal Court Thursday night and released without bail, officials said

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