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So did they or didn’t they?

Thirteen-year-old C.J. Pearson, who last week blasted the president’s response to the Texas Muslim teen suspended from school because a teacher thought his homemade clock was a bomb, said Wednesday afternoon that he had found himself blocked from President Obama’s official Twitter account.


A short time later, White House assistant press secretary Frank Benenati tweeted from his own account a statement claiming that no one had ever been blocked from the @POTUS Twitter account, a statement that was quickly challenged by a number of individuals responding to the post.

Pearson, who lives in the Augusta, Ga., area, became a viral sensation last week when he slammed Obama for inviting Ahmed Mohamed to the White House.

“When cops are gunned down, you don’t invite them to the White House. You never did. But when a Muslim builds a clock, come on by. What is this world you’re living in?” he said in a YouTube video.

In a video posted to Pearson’s Facebook page Wednesday evening, he insisted that he remains blocked from accessing @POTUS.

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