The estranged stepdaughter of Duane Chapman of “Dog the Bounty Hunter” was arrested Sunday on robbery charges after targeting a Honolulu bank, according to local reports.

According to the New York Daily News, the wife of Chapman is the one who ratted her out.

The surveillance footage showed Gillespie veiled by a black ball hat, walking into the bank before handing a note to the bank’s teller demanding cash.

Gillespie is Chapman’s stepdaughter from a two-year marriage to Tawny Marie, but a prison sentence marred any relationship he had with her.

Police arrested the 35-year-old on Sunday on their Crime Stoppers tip tying Gillespie to the Sept. 3 robbery of Honolulu’s Territorial Savings Bank.

Nicole Gillespie’s famous stepfather and mother, Duane and Beth Chapman, addressed Sunday’s arrest over the weekend after learning their she allegedly robbed Territorial Savings Bank this month, according to Hawaii News Now.

“It’s always difficult and disheartening when someone you knew as a child grows up and chooses a life of crime. That is the case with Nicole Gillespie, who has been accused of robbing the Territorial Savings Bank on Bishop Street on September 3rd,” the Chapmans wrote of their homeless daughter to the TV station.

Duane Chapman and his family were the subject of an A&E reality TV series documenting his job as a bounty hunter from 2004 to 2012. Gillespie was never involved.

“We have not seen ‘Nickie’ in over 10 years. Watching her on Crimestoppers left us all shocked and heart broken,” Chapman added.

Gillespie walked into the bank hiding her face with a black ball cap and black-rimmed glasses before handing a bank teller a note demanding cash.

Duane and Beth Chapman instantly recognized a woman suspected of robbing a Honolulu bank as Nicole Gillespie, a woman from his chapter of mistakes.

“I didn’t know this Nikki at all,” Duane Chapman told the Daily News. “The girl I knew was soft, tender, a kind of a tomboy.”

“Now She’s a bank robber,” Beth Chapman bluntly says.

Authorities arrested Gillespie near the city’s Foster Botanical Garden Sunday afternoon.