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Player’s family allegedly storms locker room after mid-game attack

A high school football game in Southern California went from rough to violent. Now, the family of one player is being criticized for allegedly attacking several opposing players last Friday night, CBS Los Angeles reported.

Lakewood High School played against Millikan High School in Long Beach on Sept. 25. A video shows a Millikan player kicking a Lakewood player, Victor Bates, in the head after his helmet was knocked off during the game.

“Just punted him, like he was kicking a ball,” said a teammate, who witnessed the incident when he was on the field. “I was like ‘really?’ And I went to the refs, like, ‘how could you not see that?'”

“No respect, no mercy, no nothing,” said another teammate. “Clearly everybody saw it, as soon as it happened. I see everyone in the stands, just in awe. So it should have been a flag.”

But it wasn’t. The game went on, and Bates kept playing. But several parents were not happy.

“As a parent of a player, if it was my son that got kicked in the face, I’d be very upset. And I would expect the school district to basically expel the player for doing that,” said parent Roger Lands.

After the game in the locker room, the family of a Lakewood player pushed passed security and attacked four Millikan players. Two were struck in the face. The other two were grabbed in the neck, according to the Millikan High School football Facebook statement.

The statement said: “This is very disgusting and breaks my heart that our players were subjected to this. Fortunately, they know who they are and arrests are the next step. Both Millikan and Lakewood administration are involved along with police reports being filed. This will not be hidden and will not go away, rest assured.”

The school district spokesman said the school is aware and taking action, but refused to elaborate. Neither coach was inclined to comment.

We are seriously sending some bad messages to our kids these days………