1. It’s the switch to turn on your high beams.

    1. It is and now you and I have just dated ourselves a bit…….. 🙂

  2. It is the high beam switch. But….we had a 1954 Buick Super that also had a foot switch that you could use to tune the radio.

    1. Really I have not seen or heard of the the radio tuner before,……..

      1. Here’s a link to info about the 55:

        And this excerpt from the link:
        Radios and Antennas…

        If your Buick has the Sonomatic radio, turn in either manually or by push-button. The left-hand control knob is for “on,” “off” and “volume.” The right-hand knob is for manual tuning.

        With Buick’s Selectronic radio, all tuning is done for you electronically wherever you drive. To change programs, just tap the tuning bar below the dial – or step on the floor button located to the left above the brake pedal. You need not look at the dial or take your hand off the wheel.

        (Your Buick Owner’s Manual has full information about both Selectronic and Sonomatic radios.)

        Buick’s power antenna makes it possible for you to improve radio reception by raising antenna, without leaving the car. Its control switch is located under dash left. Pull switch for “up” – push forward for “down.” Manual antenna is telescoped from outside car.

        1. Amazing bit of info I love stuff like this, Thanks my friend

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